How to use Trello for bug tracking & user feedback!

trello integrations

Trello is a great tool for managing all your project-related tasks and staying in sync with colleagues and clients. We at Usersnap are avid fans of Trello. And we even built a Usersnap integration for Trello.

So we thought it would be fun to share some of our best tips on how to collect bug reports & user feedback with Trello and Usersnap.

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Trello for web development?

Working on various web projects – whether for your clients or within your organization – can often be a challenge. It requires a lot of collaboration and communication within your project teams. The organization and management of your team’s tasks and priorities is key.

On the other hand, organizational stuff shouldn’t take too much time, since it keeps your developers and designers from doing their real work.

Trello is a great tool which solves that problem of managing your web development.

Get started with Trello

Trello offers some easy-to-create boards. A board is a collection of cards organized in columns. These columns are called lists and can be completely modified to your needs.

A card is mostly used to describe tasks. Every task or project deliverable should go into one card. A card consists of a title and a description, as well as an activity feed.

You can also add images, attachments, checklists to your cards. There are nearly no limitations. However, I recommend establishing a clear guideline on how you keep your cards and lists organized within your team.

kanban trello approach for developers

The approach and basic idea of boards come from the Kanban technique. Kanban was originally created by Taiichi Ohno at Toyota in the 1940s. The Kanban technique is nowadays widely used in agile product and software teams.

In my experience, the Kanban boards work for traditional web projects as well.

How to use Trello for bug tracking & user feedback?

The best bug tracking workflow for Trello depends mostly on your team size. However, I experienced the following process quite helpful:

  1. Create a new Trello board with at least 3 columns (To do / doing / done) (I guess you’ll need more the larger your team size is)
  2. Connect Trello with Usersnap (https://usersnap.com/trello) (I explain that later on)

Usersnap will save you a ton of time while fixing bugs but will make life way easier when collaborating with your colleagues and clients on design drafts or website prototypes.

Usersnap gives you easy-to-use tools for collecting feedback, bugs or simply new ideas for your website project. With a little Usersnap feedback button (which can be embedded at any website or web app) you can collect bug reports and user feedback.

usersnap feedback button

All incoming bug reports and user feedback than then be sent to Trello (of course you could store them in your Usersnap project too).

Here’s how to send your bug reports to Trello.

How to connect Usersnap with Trello?

Having set up your Trello board for your new web project, you’re good to go for connecting with Usersnap.

The great thing here is that you can decide in which board you’d like to add the feedback and bug reports from Usersnap. For example, I recommend setting up an own Trello board “customer feedback/bugs” where the feedback is stored. It will prevent you from a chaotic Trello board 🙂

Besides that, you can select the list where each bug report or user feedback should be sent too. And the best thing: You can now add labels automatically to every submitted bug report.

trello for bug tracking

Sending browser screenshots, bug reports & user feedback to Trello

With the integration from Usersnap installed, you can now collect feedback from your website visitors or clients with Usersnap and all screenshots and tickets are sent to your Trello project board. Isn’t that awesome!

With the Usersnap widget and Trello installed no bug, idea or change request is left behind.

trello bug tracking

Slack & Trello & Usersnap

I guess many web developers and designers out there are currently using Slack as their prior team communication tool. We use it as well, and the great thing is that it can be connected to Trello.

trello and slack integration for developers

Especially with other tools like Usersnap connected to Trello, it offers you some awesome notifications.

For example: If a client of yours leaves some feedback on your new website prototype with Usersnap, Usersnap will then send this feedback to your Trello board (see above setup). Trello will then notify you within your Slack channel that a new card has been added.

This not only will make your web development faster but will bring it on a completely new level.

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Harvest & Trello

Harvest is a time tracking tool for freelancers and teams. With Harvest, you can measure and track your time spent on a project or on each deliverable. Having set up your Trello project board and collaborating on your tasks inside Trello, Harvest enables you to track you time spent on each task inside Trello. No need to leave Trello again 😉

With the free Chrome extension from Harvest, you can track the time spent on each Trello card. Further on, your recordings are also stored in your Harvest projects which makes it super-easy to not only keep track of each project task but also monitor them regarding your efficiency.

harvest trello integration

Zapier, GitHub & Trello

You probably heard about Zapier before. Zapier is an automation service which connects web apps and syncs data between them. With Zapier you get unlimited options for connecting Trello with your favorite tools.

With Zapier, you can – for example – connect Trello with GitHub. With the installed integration from GitHub, new GitHub issues or commits are sent to your Trello board and saved as new Trello cards.

Alternatively, you can easily setup Trello to Google Sheets integration to collect all the important data at one place and use it for reporting purposes or other projects.

There are various – and ready-to-go zaps available within Zapier and are super easy to make use of. Simply give them a try.

github trello integration for developers

Don’t forget that it’s just a tool.

Though we’ve been using Trello and we really like the fact that you can do so many things with it, I’d like to mention that it’s just a tool. Like every other great project management tool. It won’t do any work for us, but it will help us to do a better job in web development and allows us to communicate and collaborate in a better way.

We’re done!

Now you can use the power of Trello to give you even more control on your projects when using these awesome Trello integrations as part of your bug tracking efforts. Through professional, intuitive, and feature-rich dashboards, which allow you to seamlessly integrate with these mentioned third parties. If you haven’t set up these integrations, definitely check it out. You’ll be impressed. Promised!

Do you prefer a quick summary? Make sure to check out our presentation on the essential Trello tools for developers!

Any Trello tools or integrations missing? Let us know in the comments!

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