Beer startups from Europe

Like a true beer-lover I keep an eye on what is going on with beer startups around me. In Europe. The first stop for a research like that should be my friends, but unfortunately I decided to start by visiting “Craft Beer” category on Angel.co – It was a disaster. 3 out of 5 statups were with non-existing websites, one of them was hosted at Wix and only one was actually able to give me the information I needed.

Actually I heard about it on producthunt.co just a few minutes before browsing angel.co. So here is my list and my comments. Feel free to add comments or to add more startups. I’d love to share it with a broader audience.


A beer round

brewbot.io (UK)

For just ~2000 Euro you can purchase a beer robot that you can control with an iPhone app. Just follow instructions, load the robot with the ingredients according to the app and have fun. The store is not working yet, but they promised to launch it soon. If you’ve always wanted to have a personal brewery and to stop drinking the beers of others (that usually sux) – you have the chance now. Honestly I am looking forward to try this robot, since I tried to brew my first beer a long time ago – the Free Beer.

deskbeers.com (UK)

They offer you to deliver different kinds of beers to your office, every Friday. I remember working once in a company in which it wasn’t allowed to drink beer, even on a Friday! It was so booooring and the company… didn’t make it. We, programmers, can turn beers into code and fun 🙂

Unfortunately they deliver only to UK but I am sure other smart entrepreneurs will copy the idea in other places around Europe. I’ve heard of one similar startup in the Czech Republic.


Brewie (Hungary)

A friend of mine told me about Brewie. They look almost the same like BrewBot and they are still looking for investors and planning a kickstarter campaign. What will be the differences between both of them we will see. Brewie is shooting for a world domination till the end of the year. They are based in Hungary and they promise that their product will cost ~800 Euro. That’s a good deal. They still don’t have a website, but you can visit their Facebook page to learn more about them.

Sori brewing (Finland)

One of the most smashing ideas comes from Finland and Estonia. This not-so-little enterprise offers you to be a part of their brewery which is producing high quality craft beer. They are brewing the beer in Estonia (because in Finland it is too expensive) and deliver worldwide. If you want to be a part of this startup – visit their website and become an investor. Of course, everything started with an idea and with a kickstarter campaign. Be a beer-baron – now you can!

A beer meetup (Europe-wide)

I am not sure if you aware of this, but there is a weekly meetup for startup guys, talking in front of their computers with other startup guys over a beer. It’s called startupbeer.me. There is no specific agenda and it’s fun. They’ve had 4 meetings so far and there are certainly more to come. Join them!

Nova runda/ New round (Croatia)

Someone from Facebook just gave me this amazing startup from Croatia. It’s called Nova Runda They are crowd-funding at the moment and their idea was inspired from the beers in the Czech Republic.(Kudos)  Click here for a really nice info-graphic of the whole story behind the project. You can even support them if you want.


The image is under Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic by  Quinn Dombrowski

Did I miss anything?

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