Software localization pro tip from Content Snare: get an onsite feedback management tool

Software localization pro tip

How does a team under 10 people pull off software localization in over 60 countries?

Well, it requires super talented and enthusiastic people. And also having a super easy-to-use feedback reporting tool for power users to send in screenshots of translation issues comes in handy as well!

Let’s get to know a bit about Content Snare

Content Snare makes collecting content and collaborating with clients easy and seamless. Request files, set up a reminder schedule, and approve or request changes all in one dashboard.

As of 2020, Content Snare is used in 62 countries with hundreds of agencies relying on Content Snare to keep track of content and design with their clients.

James Rose, a co-founder who also wears the hats of product management and marketing at Content Snare, is keen to make the platform more localized so users can enjoy a candid, professional and straightforward experience.

How to reduce time spent on software localization

As an up-and-coming and remotely functioning startup, the essential team at Content Snare is compact and can not afford to mess around with mundane tasks.

But with the business history starting out as an SEO web development agency, software localization was a “must” type of task.

The user interface is translated into local languages with a third-party translation management tool. But it’s difficult to have a wholesome quality assurance procedure as the team primarily speaks English only.

Fortunately, Content Snare has gained a good amount of enthusiastic users all over the world who are happy to help them perfect the translations.

Now the question is how?

Asking users for feedback can not be a trade-off with the user experience

The team has decided to reach out to their power users and ask them to report any translation errors. However, the time and hassle that these users are willing to spend are limited. So the tool to file issues needs to be able to get the job done as quickly as possible.

James had four criteria in mind when looking for a visual user feedback tool. And after comparing a few options, only Usersnap ticked all the boxes.

  1. If it’s not easy to use, why would users give feedback?
    First and foremost, the UX of the feedback tool needs to be so intuitive that no explanation is required. Usersnap’s visual feedback widget runs directly within Content Snare. It allows users to click and drag on the screen to highlight a specific area and leave a comment. It’s so simple that there’s no possibility for you to be distracted or confused about what to do.

    So now instead of the copy/paste game and writing emails to describe the issue that would definitely take a full 10 minutes on the users’ time… (Yawn.) With Usersnap, it’s less than 2 minutes to submit a highly accurate and detailed report. Each ticket has the URL, browser info, sender’s email and location, Javascript error console log and other metadata. This all helps to better clarify the issue and it’s zero work for the users!
Software localization

“The process with Usersnap is insanely easy. The end user just clicks the widget, draws a box and types in their feedback.”

James Rose, Founder of Content Snare
  1. A standalone tool won’t work, it must have integrations 
    James is a fan of Airtable and manages a lot of tasks, lists and data over there. And although Usersnap has its own dashboard for the feedback items and statistics report, to be able to streamline all the information of your project from different sources is a great boost in productivity.

    Usersnap can be integrated with numerous tools, such as Jira, Asana, Slack, WordPress and many others. In Content Snare, they placed the widget’s snippet via Google Tag Manager and using Zapier they sent the tickets to Airtable. If additional follow-up is required for the ticket, they forward it to Intercom.

    To fix the translation issues, there are two ways Content Snare likes to approach the matter: by language and by URL. Both these data are automatically attached to the feedback by Usersnap and then sent over to Airtable. So by filtering language or URL, you can easily group the issues together and resolve them in one go. Such flexibility to process the feedback enabled the product manager and developers to reduce working time by up to 50%.
  1. Linking the feedback with database user info to make more sense
    One of the favorite features and an essential part of the reason why Usersnap stood out for Content Snare’s team is the ability to transfer data through. 

    Using the custom data API, you can fetch the user’s ID and settings, to be included with the feedback item. To put it simply, when your user submits the feedback, you can pull any user info from your database to be automatically added to the ticket. This will help you get a better picture of each issue and make your operations more successful.
  1. And the pricing is just right!
    When budget is limited, as a startup, every penny needs to be put in the right place. Not putting a high proportion of budget into customer feedback management does not mean feedback is not valuable. Choosing a tool that offers flexibility in pricing to match the need of your current situation is a smart concern. 

    Usersnap’s monthly subscription plans start from only $19. It was the perfect entry solution for Content Snare’s small team to begin a dedicated user feedback project

    And as the team grows and more people are involved in the feedback loops, Usersnap offers other advanced solutions and simple upgrade methods.

“The UX and pricing of Usersnap was a winner for us. While we set it up for localization, I’m now thinking about how we can use this to get other feedback from our power users.”

James Rose, Founder of Content Snare

TL;DR it’s that awesome they made a video review

James frequently shares tips and tools for agencies to improve efficiency on his blog. And before we had the chance to talk to him personally, he already wrote a tutorial post and recorded a video on how he set up the feedback collection process with Usersnap. Check it out:

We wish you a happy software localization!

Usersnap helps SaaS and software companies manage localization, beta testing and user feedback in a more user-friendly, streamlined and automated way.

Languages supported by Usersnap include:

  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Lithuanian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish

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Getting feedback has never been easier and we hope you’ve realized that after reading this article. Let us know what you think, your feedback is important.

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