How AI Transforms User Feedback Analysis

Introduction: Why AI can be a game changer in analyzing your users’ feedback

In today’s digital era, or let’s call it the AI era, all areas of our life will be impacted by the new developments and opportunities that artificial intelligence is offering. But let’s focus on customer feedback first. User feedback and its analysis play a vital role in shaping and improving digital products. With the constant influx of data, manually analyzing and categorizing user feedback can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. 

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Creating a Winning Product and User Feedback Policy: The Importance, Components, and a Step-by-Step Guide

A well-executed product and user feedback policy (PUFP) is a critical aspect of any successful business strategy. This policy outlines the steps taken to effectively gather, manage, and communicate feedback from customers in a manner that promotes trust, accountability, and a deep understanding of the needs and desires of the user base.

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HubSpot Integrations: How to Power Up Your CRM As a SaaS!

You want to be competitive within your SaaS industry, no doubt. In order to accomplish this though, you have to level up your customer data platform like Hubspot. Using HubSpot integrations enriches the data and information you have about your customers, and can help you grow your SaaS business massively.

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The Best 7 Typeform Alternatives for SaaS Companies Today

You know you need insights from users of your product, but aren’t quite sure how to do it. Does that sound like a familiar challenge? Luckily, you aren’t alone. Some folks resort to Typeform to help out in getting insights, which isn’t a bad choice at all. However, there are some Typeform alternatives to keep in mind. We know it is hard just collecting customer feedback, but then making decisions out of it becomes even tougher. Recently, we asked our own customers what their struggles were, and getting significantly more customer feedback was the 2nd biggest pain point that Usersnap helps them solve.

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Transformation to Customer Centricity with the Power of Feedback

Collecting customer feedback is the magic that turned our company and made customer centricity part of the lifeblood of our organization. We agilely implemented the feedback for our product and improved the customer journey. Our monthly new customers rate doubled and product trials went up by 155%. 

Klaus-M. Schremser, Head of Growth
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CX’er Huddle in the Feedback-Tribe with Adrian Brady-Cesana

Our digital fireside chat with Adrian Brady-Cesana was bombastic. Learn from an experienced CX expert who not only wrote a successful book but hosts a CX podcast on

We are happy and proud to have him in our Feedback Tribe webinar (provided by Usersnap) as a guest to learn hands-on insights on how to optimize customer experience and the importance of CX for your business growth.

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TrackDuck is no more :( – use this TrackDuck alternative

TrackDuck was a solution for visual user feedback and many companies used it for a long time.

After it’s acquisition by InvisionApp, TrackDuck was no longer a strategic focus for the acquiring company.

Many customers of TrackDuck have to look for an alternative to TrackDuck. We want to offer a smooth migration for your visual feedback process.

We learned from the many TrackDuck customers that Usersnap is a great alternative.

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Why this update can bring you up to 57% more bug reports

Get better feedback from your mobile users. Usersnap now offers a new and more powerful widget that enables your users and customers to give you feedback with a screenshot from all major devices and platforms.

If your web application or website is optimized for mobile use, you offer your potential customers an easy way to access your information or services on the go. With the new Usersnap Classic widget your customers can send you visual feedback from their mobile devices.

We listened to our customers and built this brand-new widget for you with first-class mobile device support.

Read on to discover what you get out of the new Usersnap widget.

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Chrome Extension Update: New Shortcut Feature & Tab Update

We are happy to announce new features for our Usersnap Chrome Extension! We added a new keyboard shortcut to the chrome extension, as well as an update for managing the browser tabs.

New Keyboard Shortcut

We added a new shortcut (default: Alt + U) to the Chrome extension which lets you open the extension in a very simplistic way. Instead of clicking on the extension icon you can open Usersnap by pressing “Alt + U” (or any other shortcut of your choice). Find the option in the extension options by right-clicking on the Usersnap icon.



The added feature is particularly helpful for annotating mouse-over popups, dropdown boxes or any other pull-down menu. By using the shortcut you can now annotate all these “dynamic contents”.


Tab Update

With the updated Chrome extension we improved the behaviour of the extension. If you open the Usersnap extension by clicking the extension icon in your browser, the screen for your annotations will now open in a tab right next to your opened browser tab. After finishing your annotations you are redirected to your “old” browser tab which allows you to continue browsing the web just where you stopped beforehand.

Do you miss any features?

If you have any feature ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us: or leave us a tweet @usersnap.

You don’t have the Chrome extension installed?

Visit the Chrome Web Store and download the Usersnap browser extension.