How to use Wunderlist for tracking bugs & collecting website feedback

bug tracking with wunderlist

Firstly, I have to admit: I’m a huge fan of to-do apps or extensions. As someone who’s working on web projects for quite some time now, I know all about to-do lists, tasks apps and finding the perfect match for your web projects. Lately I got stuck with Wunderlist.

Wunderlist is probably the prettiest to-do app with a range of functionalities. From adding sub tasks, assigning tasks to co-workers, adding notes and setting events. Wunderlist takes it all.

This is why I thought of integrating Wunderlist deeper in my web worker’s workflow. And because I’m doing a lot of bug tracking recently for smaller websites I’ve been thinking about using Wunderlist as my prior bug tracking tool. Together with the bug tracker from Usersnap it provides a great workflow which let you manage all your tasks – and now bugs too.

And here’s how it works.

Create a Wunderlist account

Firstly, open wunderlist.com in your browser and sign up for a new account. If you have one, enter your email address and login.

Wunderlist login for bug tracking
Continue by adding your first do-do list in Wunderlist. I’ve called mine “Website Feedback”. The to-do list is still empty, but will be filled up pretty soon with the Usersnap integration.

create list in wunderlist for bug tracking

Create a Usersnap account

Now it’s time to sign up for Usersnap (or log in if you already have an account). After signing up, I created a project named “Website Feedback”.
usersnap projects for bug tracking with wunderlist

Add the feedback widget to your website

As a next step, I’ll add the Usersnap widget to my website, which I’d like to get feedback on. I’ll simply add the URL of my website to the feedback widget configuration and embed the snippet to my website. Tip: If you’re using WordPress or any other content management system, check out the available plugins. Also, check out this list of amazing website feedback widget options, which can help you decide which widget to use.

wunderlist bug tracking configuration

Connect Wunderlist with Usersnap and start tracking bugs

And now, here we go. It’s time to connect Wunderlist with Usersnap.

By making use of the 3rd party integrations from Usersnap, you can forward your emails, bug reports, and created screenshots to Wunderlist. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select Email as a 3rd party in the Usersnap 3rd Party Settings
  2. Enter the email address: “me@wunderlist.com” as the email address that receives the bug reports. (And yes, it’s really “me@wunderlist.com”)
  3. Enter an expressive subject. The subject name will be the name of the tasks in Wunderlist. For example, enter [Bugs]
  4. Enter the sender’s email address. It’s important that you enter the same email address with which you’ve signed up for Wunderlist!

wunderlist settings for bug tracking

Some further tips:

  • only send shortened content without header + footer information to Wunderlist. You can simply activate/deactivate that setting in the 3rd party settings of Usersnap.
  • decide whether all bug reports should be automatically sent to your Wunderlist or if you’d like to choose manually.

time for bug tracking with Wunderlist

And that’s all. You’re colleagues, users and clients can now start testing your website and reporting bugs.

bug tracking and bug reporting with wunderlist

With the embedded feedback widget from Usersnap and the connection with Wunderlist, all your bug reports will be in stored in Wunderlist – your home base.

bug reports with wunderlist

All screenshots and bug reports will automatically be sent to your Wunderlist inbox. I recommend creating different lists for the created bug reports – e.g.: “High priority bugs”, “bugs”, “change requests” and “general feedback”.

We’re done!

Collecting website feedback and getting testers for your new site isn’t that easy, especially if budget and time are your enemies. Working as a freelancer on small projects, it absolutely makes sense for tracking website bugs and collecting website feedback within your task and to-do app Wunderlist. All your to-dos and tasks will be saved in one place, which helps you to be even more productive.

Are you using Wunderlist or any other to-do list for keeping track of your website tasks?

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