Best 36 Customer Feedback Tools To Try in 2024

Did you know that 73% of consumers state that customer experience is a crucial factor for determining whether to do business with a company or not?

Additionally, 84% of companies that actively work on improving the customer experience using customer feedback tools see increased revenue as a result of their efforts.

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31 Best Website Feedback Tools in 2024

Working on new design drafts and website prototypes takes a lot of patience and knowledge. When you consider the feedback part of the process, it takes even longer. This is why you need a website feedback tool at your side to get you across the finish line.

Email threads, Slack chats, phone calls, and meetings – that’s how the feedback is collected and managed.

Well, managed? Managing feedback through all these channels is barely possible. But here’s the good news.

We will help you to choose a website feedback tool and set up your design & feedback workflow to make feedback from colleagues and customers actionable and manageable again.

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Closed-Ended Questions: Types and Examples

Learning about better understanding your customers’ needs is sometimes like being a 1-person paddle boat upstream.

Particularly when you need the right tools or questions, it’s a lot of effort to understand them, much less to execute what you can learn.

When you need to get a large amount of data quickly and easily, one of the best approaches to gathering customer feedback data is using closed-ended questions.

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12 Effective CES (Customer Effort Score) Survey Questions to Ask Right Away

Customers want good products and services, of course, but do you know what else they want?

They want effortless interactions with companies. How about a website that is simple to navigate, and a seamless checkout process? Bingo. They also want it to be quick and painless to resolve any issues they may have with your company. Recognizing and improving upon this customer feedback is where a CES survey questions comes in handy!

Research shows that when your company makes things easier on your customers and delivers on the promises, it drives more customer loyalty than the companies that focus more on improving the overall experience. It has become pretty common to have a good overall experience, so it’s those companies that truly make dealing with them easy and painless that enjoy more loyal customers.

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Mastering & Understanding the ROI of Customer Feedback & CX

Let’s start with a quick equation:

🤑 Customer Feedback ROI = 100 x (Benefits – Investments) / Investments

In a recent study (which matches our experience), many CX leaders find it hard to quantify the impact 💥, or the ROI of customer feedback and customer experience (CX) on business outcomes and metrics.

But in a successful business, it’s imperative that the benefits of initiatives are not only defined in a qualitative way, but also in quantitative, measurable numbers.

And that’s exactly why you should calculate the ROI of customer feedback & CX. It’ll give you the ability to guide your investments to produce the greatest revenue return and ensure the sustainability of your business.

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Customer Support Tools Breakdown in 2024: Which One Fits Your SaaS Tool Stack?

When you’re searching for customer support tools, you want to make sure that it ticks all the boxes your team requires. After all, customer support interactions can be some of the most memorable opportunities to impress a user in need of assistance. So, congratulations! You’re off to a good start by researching the available options.

Customers often hope to interact with a company on multiple levels – email, phone, chat, and social media. Each method requires different tools to achieve the desired outcome. To be successful, you need to equip your support staff with the right customer support tools to deliver superior customer service. 

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HubSpot Integrations: How to Power Up Your CRM As a SaaS!

You want to be competitive within your SaaS industry, no doubt. In order to accomplish this though, you have to level up your customer data platform like Hubspot. Using HubSpot integrations enriches the data and information you have about your customers, and can help you grow your SaaS business massively.

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