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About Runtastic

With over 160 million downloads and 80+ million registered users, Runtastic is a leader in the digital health and fitness space and provides a comprehensive ecosystem for tracking and managing health and fitness data. The successful company based in Linz, Austria, is best known for its flagship running & fitness app but it also offers a wide array of apps, hardware and services within the Runtastic ecosystem.
Florian Gschwandtner, CEO Runtastic
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Why and how does your team use Usersnap?

We're now rolling out a new responsive website on As a company with a wide variety of apps and services, we rely on tools like Usersnap to make our feedback loop and workflow better.

On the one hand, Usersnap enables our users to easily submit feedback and, on the other hand, we gather a lot of in depth information with the Usersnap feedback widget: technical data, screen shots and device information.The easy-to-use tools from Usersnap were the main reasons that we chose to use Usersnap in our global operating company.

How many people are involved in the launch of Runtastic's responsive website?

Runtastic currently employs more than 160 people in 3 different offices. With employees coming from 29+ different countries, clear communication is key.

While relaunching our website, 10 to 12 people from various departments were constantly involved in bringing our new, responsive site to life. The involved departments were product management, web frontend (css, js, and html experts), backend and communications.

What was the reason for choosing Usersnap?

Usersnap is a great tool because it gives us the information we actually need. Because additional information like screen resolution and operation system is added automatically, we save a lot of time. And most importantly, Usersnap delivers screenshots of our user’s screen to us.
“Usersnap is a great tool, because it gives us the information we need.”
Franz Tretter

“As a company with a wide range of apps & services we rely on tools like Usersnap to make our feedback workflow better.”
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