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See how Usersnap helps big & small companies improve their business with bug tracking & user feedback. Want to be part of Usersnap? We help you capture feedback, track bugs and provide customer support.

What our customers say about Usersnap

Behnaz Badazadeh, Senior Interaction Designer at AddThis

Behnaz Babazadeh
Senior Interaction Designer

addthis using usersnap bug tracking

We love how easy it was to install Usersnap in our product. Getting detailed, visual feedback has eliminated confusion and streamlined our QA process so that bugs and design feedback are assigned to the right person. We even created a Slack channel so the whole team can follow feedback without filling up our inboxes.

Rachel Panush

Rachel Panush
VP of Operations

executions using usersnap bug tracking

Usersnap is so easy and intuitive to use. Integrating it into our review process has added tremendous value, clarity, and efficiency.

We ask our clients to use it too, with good success. We use the widget and the browser extension on all of our projects. It’s great that it also captures browser and device information to help us better debug reported issues. We love being able to view annotated screenshots, create actionable tickets, and add comments to discrete issues.

Tony Stilwell

Tony Stillwell
VP of Customer Experience


Listening and hearing our customers has been a priority for us at DivvyHQ out of the gate. Usersnap has made that priority much easier to maintain. The instant visual feedback we get from Usersnap has helped us tremendously from a product perspective. It allows great feedback to come in, which regularly turns into new tickets on an upcoming sprint.

From a support perspective, we cut out the bulk of the tedious back and forth. The user environment details and attached screen allows our support agents to dig right in on providing a resolution.

franz tretter runtastic

Franz Tretter
Product Manager Web

runtastic franz tretter case study

As a company with a wide range of apps & services we rely on tools like Usersnap to make our feedback workflow better.

On the one side, Usersnap enables our users to easily submit feedback. On the other side, we gather a lot of in-depth information, such as technical data, screenshots and device information with the Usersnap feedback widget.

The easy-to-use tools from Usersnap were the main reason that we choose to roll out Usersnap in our globally operating company.

What others say about Usersnap on Twitter

What other customers say about Usersnap

yunchi luo compass

Yunchi Luo
Tech Lead at

compass.com bug tracking tool

Usersnap has significantly reduced our response time to fixing bugs, while its integration with Desk makes managing feedback from our users easier, too. Consider the Compass engineering team impressed.

Alex Band ripe

Alex Band
Product Manager

alex band ripe

With Usersnap we get we get detailed bug reports that never require follow-up questions, satisfying both our customers and developers!

fardeen chowdhury

Fardeen Chowdhury
Project Manager

3 media web

Usersnap has been an invaluable resource during a project's development as well as coordinating with clients' expectations.

Karl höllriegl austrian

Karl Höllriegl

austrian feedback & bug tracking tool

We use the Usersnap feedback widget for our internal web development projects. It helps us to collaborate more effectively on new features and landing pages. With it's screenshot feature, we and the developers are able to communicate change requests or features in an easy way. Our team loves it.

enzo pietzsch

Enzo Pietzsch
QA & Usability Engineer

enzo jimdo bug tracking tool

The worst bug report is the one which hasn't been filed.

I see two major reasons for not reporting issues: The cost of switching the system (e.g. to an issue tracker or email client) and the hassle of describing the problem coherently.

Usersnap deals with both. Reporting an issue is just one click away and the combination of a screenshot in addition to highly relevant metadata makes reproducing a bug a breeze.

jörg sutara paymill

Jörg Sutara
Managing Director

paymill bug tracking & feedback tool

If you want to speed up your development cycle, I can recommend Usersnap.

Having a feedback tool in place which delivers understandable feedback and bug reports is priceless. And: the customer service is fast and excellent. Kudos!

Sabine Wahl

Sabine Wahl

ximes feedback tool usersnap

Around 40% of all bugs reported for our ExtJS application TISBoard are related to specific behaviours of different browsers.

Usersnap delivers exactly the information we need to get sufficient information to reproduce every issue easily.

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