Pocket Prep Remote Teams collecting User Feedback with Usersnap

Usersnap Helps Pocket Prep’s Remote Teams Efficiently Manage Technical Support & User Feedback



Reduction in time on technical support and intercommunication through automated screenshots and system info captures.


Broke boundaries for remote team members to fully participate in QA processes and feedback loops.


Promoted the voice of customers by empowering users to easily submit feedback with good UX of the tool.

Meet Pocket Prep and Team

Pocket Prep believes education should be in everyone’s reach. That’s why we provide the most effective, convenient and engaging test prep for more than 100 standardized exams through our online learning platform and mobile apps. We have led the mobile test prep category with our portable learning, smart feedback, and affordable programs since 2011.

Colin, a software engineer at Pocket Prep, onboarded Usersnap to improve the management of user feedback and communication of technical support. He shared his delightful experience using the tool.
“As a developer, I’m used to leading long training sessions on new tools. With Usersnap, we literally just added the tool and told users to click the Usersnap button if they wanted to provide feedback. Everyone has found the tool to be incredibly intuitive yet inclusive of all the features we need.”

Case study with Usersnap | Pocket Prep team

The challenges

As a company dedicated to helping people prepare for high-stakes tests, Pocket Prep knows that its test experts and technical team must be able to communicate quickly and efficiently internally as well as with those using Pocket Prep. Challenges arose internally when the feedback loop caused delays in interpreting the messages and responding quickly.

1. Lack of standardized feedback methods

Pocket Prep was used to receiving issues and feedback from its users through various sources. It would then have to be aggregated and put into the existing project management tool, Pivotal Tracker. Without a standardized feedback format, additional time is needed to resolve the client’s issue.

2. Missing technical information in support tickets

The tickets submitted from end-users to the development team often lacked necessary technical information like the browser, URL, etc. This meant a lack of context around the issue and added time to back and forth of clarifying the problem. Which then delayed the work that the exam experts and users are trying to do.

3. Limited access to end-users’ choice of device and system

Pocket Prep’s internal development team uses Mac OS. Which sometimes created incompatibility issues with users who were using other operating systems or devices. If any bugs were occurring, it was not easy for the development team to understand exactly what was happening. Without seeing the issue through clear screenshots and context, it was a challenge to provide a good UX on the ticket review side as well as for the frontend users.

The Solution

When the technical support team at Pocket Prep was researching for a tool to unify incoming user feedback, they knew they wanted features such as to add visual context, to record console logs, and to standardize ticket format. Usersnap checked all the boxes. It is now a fully integrated part of Pocket Prep’s process.

Remote team technical support and user feedback tool | Usersnap
Usersnap’s feedback tool is very intuitive to use and allowed even non-technical users to send complete bug reports without any training. The necessary technical information for developers to reproduce and solve a user problem is automatically attached to the ticket. Including browser information, screen size, URL and other custom attributes. This means less friction for both the user experience and troubleshooting.

The integration with Pivotal Tracker, the project management platform in use, generates tickets over directly so that they didn’t have to be re-created.

The Slack integration is also super helpful in giving awareness of new feedback tickets to the team. These compatibilities allow Pocket Prep to maintain an uninterrupted loop of communication with everyone involved.

When following up on feedback with users, you can write a reply in Usersnap. It will be sent as an email to the customer and tracked within the dashboard. If you want to add an internal note to your team, switch from “Reply” to “Add Notes” and your comment will be shown only in the dashboard’s feedback thread.

“Usersnap integrated perfectly with our existing workflow to help standardize our QA and user feedback processes.”
More than half of the entire Pocket Prep team are remote working topic experts and exam content contributors. The visualization advantages and collaboration features provided by Usersnap, along with the internal tools, has the remote team feel more involved in the process and the solutions to problems as they arise. 

Usersnap enables front-end users for a more amiable, direct conversation with Pocket Prep’s development team. It is not only a communication tool but has furthermore created a welcoming feedback environment where users can play a role in the product by freely sharing opinions and sending in feature requests.

By saving time and resources on QA and customers service, Pocket Prep have vastly improved the efficiency to maintain great usability of their app.
Case study with Usersnap | Colin from Pocket Prep

Colin Ulin, Software Engineer at
Pocket Prep
“Before Usersnap, our remote team had no good way of communicating direct feedback about our internal tools. Now we have a great two-way communication tool that gives our users’ a voice and helps everyone feel more involved in the production process.”
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