Pocket Prep’s remote team triages user feedback efficiently

Usersnap allows Pocket Prep to maintain an uninterrupted loop of communication with everyone involved - development, design, marketing and users!

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Lack of standardized feedback methods
missing icon
Missing technical information in support tickets
Limited access to end-users’ choice of device and system

“Now we have a great two-way communication tool that gives our users’ a voice and helps everyone feel more involved in the production process.”

Colin Ulin, PocketPrep
Colin Ulin, Senior Software Engineer @Pocket Prep

Loved features

user icon
User-friendly widgets for web apps
feedback board
Screen captures with tech environment context
Feedback dashboard to triage and discuss issues


Reduce tech support time

Less back and forth with users thanks to automated system info captures and screenshots.
1-minute feedback

Sending contextual feedback takes < 1 minute. Compared to > 10 minutes with other tools.
Rebranded website

Marketing team communicates with the onsite feedback tool to the dev/design responsible.
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More customer stories

TBK creative

“Usersnap has changed the way we handle digital client feedback in every way.”

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Instacart improving customer experience with Usersnap

"Great for managing bug reports and improving our e-commerce user experience."


"Usersnap makes managing website feedback easy for our team of 2000+ employees."  

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Pocket Prep allows the voice of users to be heard with Usersnap's customer feedback tool

"It's a great two-way communication tool that gives our users a voice and helps them feel more involved."

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Hawaiian Airlines makes website booking experience remarkable with Usersnap's customer feedback tool
Hawaiian airlines

"It’s a terrific source of new ideas from users and has helped uncover pain points that led to improvements on our site."

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Erste Bank makes digital banking experience remarkable with Usersnap's customer feedback tool
Erste bank

"Invaluable customer feedback may have gone unheard without Usersnap as our constant feedback portal."

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