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Let your engineers and designers fix issues without asking further questions.

Collecting user feedback within your web project

Pick the right tool to point out every issue. Annotating screens & creating feedback were never easier. Usersnap is a simple, yet effective user feedback tool. You'll get a screenshot of what your user sees. No plugins or installation required.

"Reporting an issue is just one click away and the combination of a screenshot in addition to highly relevant metadata makes reproducing a bug a breeze."

Enzo Pietzch - Jimdo a customer of Usersnap
Enzo Pietzch
Usersnap in action - pointing and commenting


Happy Usersnap customers
Usersnap backend

Wave bye bye to confusing emails & feedback forms

Organize your user feedback in one place and find the things you need with easy-to-use search queries. Try the user feedback tool from Usersnap.

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Getting started with feedback is easy

Getting started with the user feedback tool from Usersnap was never easier. Implement a JavaScript feedback widget on your website or make use of available plugins for leading content management systems.

Usersnap can be integrated in many systems
Usersnap - log all JavaScript errors

Your users don't care about website bugs

Your website visitors or users don't care about bugs or errors, but your developers do. The feedback tool from Usersnap records Javascript issues as they happen.

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Effective user feedback management for you

Usersnap is your feedback tool. Collect and manage feedback in one central place.

Usersnap overview

Grow your product and services
with user feedback

Yunchi Luo, Compass. Happy Usersnap customer
Yunchi Luo
Tech Lead at Compass

“Usersnap has significantly reduced our response time to fixing bugs, while it's integration with Desk makes managing feedback from our users easier, too. Consider the Compass engineering team impressed.”

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