25 Tools for Website, Mobile, and In-Product Feedback Widgets

Have you ever heard of a SaaS company that can say they have personally interacted with up to 50% of their users? Well, we at Usersnap have been able to do that with a simple feedback widget!

More than half of our customers have sent us feedback through our feedback widget. Our power users even send 2-5 feedback without any prompt every quarter!

In this article, you will learn about the website widgets that can be easily added to your web or mobile applications, as well as the best practices for feedback button UX.

For a SaaS product to grow and stay relevant (or any company’s growth, for that matter), you need to have a constant stream of customer feedback on the website and in-app. However, it’s way easier said than done. We will share how you can set up interactive widgets on websites and how to increase engagement for feedback sections on websites. By the end of this read, you will be ready to create a feedback button with a template.

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