Best 36 Customer Feedback Tools To Try in 2024

Did you know that 73% of consumers state that customer experience is a crucial factor for determining whether to do business with a company or not?

Additionally, 84% of companies that actively work on improving the customer experience using customer feedback tools see increased revenue as a result of their efforts.

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31 Best Website Feedback Tools in 2024

Working on new design drafts and website prototypes takes a lot of patience and knowledge. When you consider the feedback part of the process, it takes even longer. This is why you need a website feedback tool at your side to get you across the finish line.

Email threads, Slack chats, phone calls, and meetings – that’s how the feedback is collected and managed.

Well, managed? Managing feedback through all these channels is barely possible. But here’s the good news.

We will help you to choose a website feedback tool and set up your design & feedback workflow to make feedback from colleagues and customers actionable and manageable again.

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The Top 9 Ways To Avoid Acquiescence Bias in Online Surveys

Are you a user researcher for a digital product? Do you sometimes lack the in-person connection while doing your research? Maybe you use online tools to collect data from people? Do you think survey bias ( or acquiescence bias) can distort the opinions, preferences, and responses those people give? 

If so, we have some advice for you.

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