7 powerful JIRA integrations to optimize your web development workflow

7 powerful JIRA integrations to optimize your web development workflow

I love writing about productivity tips and how developers get more out of their workflows. This time it’s about JIRA – basically the industry standard of issue tracking.

JIRA comes with a rich ecosystem of AddOns and apps that offer a JIRA integration.

Since you can find a lot of software for the web today, I have compiled the best and easiest JIRA hacks to optimize your web development.


Issue & task tracking with Jira

A good way for boosting your web development workflow is to look for possible integrations you can use with JIRA. The JIRA marketplace is a good place to start.

JIRA is has many different use cases: managing project requirements and tasks, tracking issues and even providing customer support. With the broad variety of uses cases, I definitely recommend decreasing duplication of work by integrating JIRA with other tools (you already use or should use).

Useful integrations for effective Jira product management

Integrating additional tools with Jira can significantly enhance product management capabilities by streamlining processes, improving communication, and providing more comprehensive data insights. Let’s take a look at how you can integrate each of the tools with Jira to optimize your product management efforts:

Capture screens & visual bugs with Usersnap

Filing a bug report isn’t that easy and may take some time, especially if you are not that tech-savvy. With the Usersnap add-on for JIRA, bug reporting becomes way easier.

Simply embed the Usersnap widget on your website or prototype. Your clients and colleagues can report bugs which are automatically sent to your JIRA projects.

The great benefit of adding Usersnap with JIRA? Clients can create screenshots and send those annotated screenshots to the developers in charge. Usersnap will add meta information about the user’s session (such as OS, browser version, etc.) to every JIRA ticket, fixing bugs gets much easier.

Try the Usersnap add-on for JIRA for free.

PS: If you consider Usersnap as a JIRA capture alternative, you should check out this comparison.

Streamline Jira workflows and scripts with Scriptrunner

Imagine having a magic wand that customizes and automates almost everything in Jira—that’s Scriptrunner for you. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for Jira, letting your teams craft custom scripts and automate workflows. This means less grunt work and more focus on the things that matter.

Scriptrunner can be your behind-the-scenes powerhouse that helps manage complex projects smoothly by automating the mundane and enhancing your queries to do more than what’s on the menu.

Enhance code management in Jira with Git Integration

Integrating Git with Jira gives you X-ray vision into your development process. This integration ties your coding efforts directly to your project management, linking commits, branches, and pull requests straight to Jira issues.

It’s a dream come true as you see project progress unfold in real time, track code changes tied to specific tasks, and align everyone with the project goals. Plus, it’s great for keeping an immaculate record of your team’s hard work, fostering better collaboration across the board.

Optimize resource allocation in Jira with Lineup

Think of Lineup as your resource coordinator within Jira. It helps you assign the right people to the right tasks at just the right time. By considering team members’ skills, availability, and project demands, Lineup ensures your project isn’t just a bunch of tasks but a well-oiled machine driving towards efficiency and better outcomes.

Bridge customer insights and product development with HubSpot Integration

When you integrate HubSpot with Jira, it opens a direct line between your customers and your development team. Sales, marketing, and customer service data flow right into your project management processes. This integration lets your team view customer feedback and issues alongside development tasks in Jira, allowing you to prioritize what matters most to your users.

It’s all about keeping your product development tightly knit with customer needs, making sure you’re building something people really want.

Automate processes in Jira to boost productivity with Automation

Automations in Jira are your set-it-and-forget-it tools that make life easier. Set up rules to trigger specific actions—like notifying team members about urgent issues or updating statuses automatically under certain conditions.

It’s about making your process as consistent and efficient as possible, removing the burden of manual tasks so everyone can focus on more strategic work.

Accurate time tracking within Jira for improved project accounting

Integrating a timesheet tracking tool with Jira means no more guesswork about where the time went. Teams can log hours directly on Jira issues, giving product managers a clear view of time allocation across tasks.

This is crucial for managing budgets, analyzing productivity trends, and planning future projects. It’s all about maximizing efficiency and predicting future needs with precision.

Align strategic goals with everyday tasks with OKR Board in Jira

Integrating an OKR board with Jira aligns daily tasks with your big-picture goals. Through marketplace apps that connect OKRs to Jira tasks, product managers can keep a tab on how every piece of work is contributing to overarching objectives.

It’s an effective way to ensure everyone’s efforts are pushing in the same direction and to adjust your strategies based on real-time insights from your team’s activities.

Go agile with JIRA Agile

With the plugin JIRA Agile, you can enhance your JIRA products and make your software engineering team agile.

The JIRA Agile plugin basically allows you to set up sprints, backlogs and team activities. The plugin makes planning, prioritizing and executing new features painless and easy to manage.

Learn how to set up JIRA Agile.

Jenkins-CI inside JIRA

Jenkins-CI is a continuous integration service which can be connected with JIRA. By making use of the Jenkins Plugin for JIRA, you can display Jenkins builds inside JIRA.

While chatting with some great CTOs  for our platform bugtrackers.io, the Jenkins CI integration for JIRA has been mentioned as a must-have for JIRA.

jenkins ci for jira - best jira integration for developers

PS: If you’re a heavy Jenkins user, you might like the JIRA plugin for Jenkins as well, which let’s you create links to relevant JIRA pages within Jenkins changelogs.

Check out the Jenkins plugin for JIRA.

Connecting your chat messenger with JIRA

I guess, you all know Slack, right? Slack is a great team messenger with a ton of integrations. I wrote about the best Slack integration for web developers in this blog post (definitely worth a read).

With the Slack integration for JIRA, you get notified about important JIRA updates in your Slack chat. For example, you can be notified of new issues created with JIRA or changed issue statuses.

Using HipChat instead of Slack? No worries. Since HipChat is part of the Atlassian family, you get covered as well and you can receive notifications in your HipChat rooms.


Learn more about integrating JIRA with Slack or HipChat.

GitHub & JIRA

Working in web development means working on the same code basis. This requires efficient collaboration between multiple people. With the GitHub integration for JIRA, developers and QA engineers can see the created branches, commits and pull request of GitHub.

jira github integration

A detailed – but easy to follow – guide on setting up JIRA with GitHub can be found here.

PagerDuty & JIRA: Notifications FTW

In one of our recent blog posts on the best SaaS monitoring tools, we’ve shown you the advantages of PagerDuty for alarm aggregation. PagerDuty basically allows you to integrate all your monitoring and alert systems.

PagerDuty coordinates and manages all those aggregated notifications and ensures that each alert is delivered to the right person through text messages (SMS), emails or push notifications.

By connecting PagerDuty with JIRA, you can make sure that a PagerDuty incident gets triggered when a new JIRA issue is created.

pagerduty for developers

Learn how to integrate PagerDuty with JIRA.

Tempo Timesheets for JIRA

Are you using JIRA for every single project-related task? Awesome. I’ll definitely recommend  to check out Tempo Timesheets which allows you to track the time spent on each project.

tempo timesheet for jira integration

Get Tempo Timesheets for JIRA.

JIRA integrations make JIRA even greater.

That was a lot. Besides the mentioned great JIRA integrations there are definitely way more worth discovering. If you’re already familiar with JIRA I also recommend to play around with the mentioned integrations.

Are you using JIRA or thinking about making the switch to JIRA? Let us know your favorite integration for JIRA in the comments.

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