Painless software localization made possible with Usersnap

Content Snare is a content collection and tracking platform for marketing teams and agencies to streamline communication. It's available in 60+ countries.

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Software localization made easy with Usersnap feedback tool


Translations need quality assurance
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Asking for feedback can be a trade-off for experience
Budgets are limited as a startup

“Usersnap has helped us scale user feedback which made our SaaS product more appealing.”

james rose, content snare
James Rose, Founder @Content Snare

Loved features

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Click-and-drag onscreen annotation
feedback board
Super simple UX for bug reporting
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Integration with various 3rd part tools


50% reduction in effort

The ease-of-use compared to emails and chat support helped save so much valuable time.
Link feedback with CRM data

Customer data can be fetched and attached to each feedback item. And sent to integrations.
Flexible pricing is just right

The basic package is very affordable. Then as the usage grows, it's also easy to scale.
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More customer stories

TBK creative

“Usersnap has changed the way we handle digital client feedback in every way.”

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Instacart improving customer experience with Usersnap

"Great for managing bug reports and improving our e-commerce user experience."


"Usersnap makes managing website feedback easy for our team of 2000+ employees."  

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Pocket Prep allows the voice of users to be heard with Usersnap's customer feedback tool

"It's a great two-way communication tool that gives our users a voice and helps them feel more involved."

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Hawaiian Airlines makes website booking experience remarkable with Usersnap's customer feedback tool
Hawaiian airlines

"It’s a terrific source of new ideas from users and has helped uncover pain points that led to improvements on our site."

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Erste Bank makes digital banking experience remarkable with Usersnap's customer feedback tool
Erste bank

"Invaluable customer feedback may have gone unheard without Usersnap as our constant feedback portal."

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