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Usersnap enhances user feedback processes, internally and externally. Build products that users love by empowering your team with first-hand feedback.

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Integrations for your user feedback workflow with Usersnap

Robust user feedback collection

Anyone can send the perfect bug report, with screenshots, annotations and metadata included. Understand tickets, forward them to your favorite backlog tool and save valuable time.

Robust user feedback collection to enhance your communication
Two-way sync integrations by Usersnap and Jira, Azure DevOps and more

Seamless workflow and status sync

Usersnap offers the kanban and list views to manage and track feedback loops. However, integrations with 2-way sync capabilities can accommodate to your existing, custom workflows.

Excel feedback loops and teamwork

Access rich data and context with each feedback to find a precise solution, faster. Development, design, operations, and many other teams benefit from directly working with user feedback.

Customer feedback loops by Usersnap and integrations

Integrate user feedback to boost user-centricity

Make ProductOps more efficient & insightful.






Make your feedback flow this easy & smooth

“Usersnap has shortened our customer support cycle. 
Visual feedback really helps us understand and iterate faster.”

josh, canva
Joscha Feth
Engineering Lead

“Beta users report what they think is broken, when in fact it could be the feature not working as they expected. This helps us understand why the product is not satisfactory.”

Colin Ulin
Senior Product Manager

“How to bring value to the end users is what the teams thrive for. And Usersnap helps us get the feedback and evidence we need to keep moving.”

Malgorzata Pryc
Product Owner

“Usersnap gives us insights on our users’ pain points, top requests, and use cases. It helps us to prioritize new features and figure out how to best provide value for Tango users.”

Annie Ng
Growth Manager

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