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& living customer-centricity. Together.

We are a group of professionals working on customer experience and feedback loops. Through exchanging knowledge, experiences and ideas, we hope everyone gain more success in daily strategies & tactics

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P.S.: Maybe you need a full customer feedback guide to help you out. Well, we got you covered 😉

Why should you join?

- Lively conversations and AMAs with industry leader
- Honest, raw, recent trial-and-error examples and case studies
- Free webinars and occasionally book giveaways of expert’s pick
- Blueprints on customer-centric operations and feedback loops
- Supportive guidance and feedback for your personal challenges
- Expertise boost for you to become the influence and muscle in your company
- Hot delivery of carefully selected content on customer experience

Does this sound familiar?

Articles don’t help

Too many articles on customer-centricity lack the operational examples. You want to learn from real stories and hands-on experiences.

Stakeholders are not buying in :(

Feeling alone in the battle of convincing your company that customer feedback is important? You can find allies here and drive the change together.

I don’t know what to do next

Maybe, you already tried some customer-centric approaches in your company. Or your industry is too niche. How to move on? You want a plan and advice specific to your scenario.

Can I chat with real experts?

Whom can you ask about the processes and tools in customer experience management? You wish you have a guru to grant you answers? Well, there are many experienced and friendly gurus here.

The Feedback Tribe is the perfect place to exchange experience regarding collecting customer experience and customer feedback.

Andra, Holistic Traction
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Do you swing with Feedback Tribe's Values?

Make Feedback Matter

The pursuit of feedback helps us grow, personally as well as professionally. We do the same for our business by growing with customer feedback.

Build Relationships

We believe that relationships are hard to come by. We are all about building trust & long-term relationships.

Live to Learn

We are hungry for improvements. And the best learning material is real-life problems. We try to learn from each other and apply it to our own situations.

Be Helpful, Don’t Hesitate

We can learn all from each other. One’s experience and knowledge can be the cornerstone of another’s bright idea.

Stay Honest & Authentic

We enjoy open conversations. We are down-to-earth and no BS. To learn and grow we need to stay true to ourselves.

Read our Feedback Manifesto
to learn more about the WHY, HOW and WHAT of the tribe.

Why we created the tribe?

We are product specialists at Usersnap, a platform to collect feedback and measure CX. We are facing the same pains everyday as you do. And we love seeking out experts to speak with.

Now we want to share this network with you as well as how we learned to not sink but swim happily in the vast ocean of customer-centric methodologies and practices.

Ashley Cheng

Market Researcher & Growth Manager at Usersnap

Klaus-M. Schremser

Head of Growth & Co-founder of Usersnap

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