7 infographics about web development and design

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We at Usersnap are big fans of visual communication. That’s why we love web development infographics and thought we would share our favorite infographics with you.

We’ll also explain why images are stored in long-term memory. Let’s get started!

Web development infographics are a powerful medium

Infographics give you a quick introduction to a new topic or aspect of a topic. Statistics and facts are represented visuall, which makes them easier and quicker to understand.

Dr. Lynn Burmack, an Education Consultant, found out in her research that visual content gets stored in long-term memory, while written words leave your short-term memory very quickly.

While you might not remember my introductory words by tomorrow, you might spend a thought or two on these following infographics. I tried my best to keep each introduction very short so you can spend more time with the visuals. Enjoy reading!

1. What are websites made of?

This infographic gives a great overview on programming languages, HTML 5, data storage, and email usage.


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2. Webdesign and UX Trends for 2016

Even though 2016 is already 6 months old, this infographic is still relevant if you want to get an overview of new web design and ux trends.


3. Why are so many Users leaving your Website?

This is a question which plagues entrepreneurs, marketers, and designers alike. The following infographic by Kissmetrics presents some reasons: too much ads, structural problems, registration necessary. But just see for yourself!


4. Is it time to revamp your website?

If your bounce rates are too high it can make sense to rethink your website. The following infographic presents ideas about target group, design, content, and structure for revising your site.


5. 101 on Eye Tracking

This is an incredible infographic giving you the latest gist on eye tracking when navigating on a website. Get an inside view and see buttons, color, and structure in a whole new way. An eye-opener!


6. Webdeveloper & Webdesigner: Find the Differences

We want to let you off with a laugh today: See this last infographic for differences between developers and designers. Accurate, honest, and a lot of fun. 🙂


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