Web development. Explained in 7 funny GIFs.

So it’s already that time of the year. People go on christmas holiday and spend the last days of the year with their loved ones.

And while you are enjoying your vacation, please check out our take on web development as presented by 7 funny GIFs. Enjoy!

Microsoft releases new browser & drops old ones.

With its big release of the new SurfaceBook and the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft took a great step in the right direction.

Even more exciting for developers, Microsoft released an all new browser which they call Edge. In line with this, Microsoft also announced that they will stop supporting Internet Explorer versions below 11. But truth to be told: it remains to be seen how and if people will use Edge.

From a strategy perspective, it seems that Microsoft is focusing fully on the new kid in town.

PS: Here’s our Edge review for developers.

Atom, an all-new editor for web developers

2015 was also the year GitHub announced its first open source editor. Since its release, Atom has already gained huge popularity among web developers for its slick, yet hackable user interface.

Slack went mainstream.

So, you all know Slack, right? It’s safe to say 2015 has been their year because Slack finally went mainstream.

With the latest announcement of the Slack Platform, it seems that the people at Slack are working on something big and bigger than the messenger market itself.

What is code?

2015 was also the year Paul Ford wrote his masterpiece on “What is Code?” for Bloomberg. I think this is one of the most comprehensive summaries on computers, programming and software. So go ahead and give it a read if you haven’t already done so.

Becoming a real hacker with Mr. Robot.

In addition to all the software and hardware news, 2015 is also the year Mr. Robot aired. According to WIRED, Mr. Robot is the “best hacking show yet”. And yes, we absolutely second that.

Mr. Robot gets a lot of things right when it comes to hacking. Watching Mr. Robot definitely gives us some hope again that movie makers will finally get the idea of programming & hacking one day.

What’s your favourite moment in tech?

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