Closed-Ended Questions: Types and Examples

Learning about better understanding your customers’ needs is sometimes like being a 1-person paddle boat upstream.

Particularly when you need the right tools or questions, it’s a lot of effort to understand them, much less to execute what you can learn.

When you need to get a large amount of data quickly and easily, one of the best approaches to gathering customer feedback data is using closed-ended questions.

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The Best 7 Typeform Alternatives for SaaS Companies Today

You know you need insights from users of your product, but aren’t quite sure how to do it. Does that sound like a familiar challenge? Luckily, you aren’t alone. Some folks resort to Typeform to help out in getting insights, which isn’t a bad choice at all. However, there are some Typeform alternatives to keep in mind. We know it is hard just collecting customer feedback, but then making decisions out of it becomes even tougher. Recently, we asked our own customers what their struggles were, and getting significantly more customer feedback was the 2nd biggest pain point that Usersnap helps them solve.

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