Wordpress + Usersnap

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How to set up Usersnap with WordPress?


Register for a Usersnap account

Get your Usersnap account and setup your first bug tracking project.

Get WordPress bug tracker plugin

Inside WordPress, search for the Usersnap plugin and install it.

Connect your WordPress Website with Usersnap

Enter your Usersnap Project API-Key into the plugin settings to get connected and start sending feedback from your WordPress website.

Why connect your WordPress website with the Usersnap bug tracking tool?

User feedback & bug reports in one place

The bug tracking tool from Usersnap is an application that keeps track of all your website's bugs.

With the visual bug tracker you can add a simple & easy-to-use feedback widget to your WordPress website.

Screenshots from colleagues, customers & website visitors

Visual annotated screenshots attached to every bug report will bring designers, developers and project managers on the same page.

Make this possible with the Usersnap plugin for your WordPress website.

More information.
Better Wordpress websites.

Receive additional and helpful meta-information (browser version, installed browser plugins and screen size) automatically with the WordPress feedback plugin from Usersnap.

TwEEts about usersnap + Wordpress Integrations

Product Development

Speed up development cycles & enhance communication with visual feedback and Usersnap Classic.
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Customer Experience

Increase customer happiness with website & product feedback
from Usersnap CX.
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"Getting detailed, visual feedback has eliminated confusion and streamlined our QA process"
Behnaz Babazadeh