25+2 Website Feedback Questions to Ask in 2024

On a scale 1 to 10, how confident are you that your own website experience is meeting customer expectations? 🤔

If you aren’t immediately thinking “I’m definitely in the 8-10 range for confidence” then you need to do customer discovery

When completing customer discovery it’s important to gather a combination of qualitative and quantitative feedback for making the best product decisions.  

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Ways To Elevate Your Next New Feature Announcement (Included Examples)

Your team just launched a new feature — Hooray!

Customers will now come running to use it! 

Well, maybe. Did you tell customers about the new feature? 

A common problem teams face is forgetting about the value of communication with their customers and prospects when new features are being released. 

Customers want to know or may need a polite nudge, to engage with your product, but new features are a great way to pull them back in. 

Even if customers use your product daily, they are focused on their jobs, not when new features are released, so it’s important to set expectations on when they will receive new things. 

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