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Streamline issues, ideas and requests into your workflow. Accelerate improvements and induce growth.

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Solutions tailored for product managers, developers, UX researchers, designers & CX managers

Solve issues faster

Team members, users or customers can submit annotated screenshots with comments. Metadata such as URL, browser, screen info and console logs are captured automatically.

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Understand user preferences

Cultivate happier customers by measuring and obtaining insights that can help you make product and marketing decisions. Trend reports readily available.

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Integrate with your favorite tools

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Integrate with your favorite tools

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Streamline issues & suggestions

Centralized feedback makes prioritizing tasks a breeze. A shorter improvement & evaluation process allows you to deliver more competitive products.

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Ship faster and accelerate growth

Identify usability issues and what your users think of the latest feature. Find opportunities for growth. Send the feedback to the right people via 30+ integrations, such as Jira and Zendesk.

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