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Usersnap is a screenshot and bug tracker tool for your browser. Receive browser screenshots to your trac tickets from Usersnap. Try it for free.

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What is Usersnap?

Usersnap is a visual bug tracking and feedback tool for everyone working on a web project. It makes bug tracking easy and collaboration with colleagues and clients professional.

Bug tracking, browser testing and giving visual feedback with the trac integration from Usersnap was never easier. Point and click issue reporting helps you to get browser screenshots and additional information faster. No endless bug reporting for your users ever again.

Why integrate Usersnap with trac?

Easy bug tracking integration

Usersnap makes bug tracking easy and collaboration with colleagues and clients professional. Bug and issue tracking with the trac integration from Usersnap was never easier.

Always up-to-date

Once connected Usersnap with trac, browser screenshots are automatically added to your trac tickets every time a bug report is created with Usersnap.

trac - your wiki & issue tracker

Receive additional and helpful meta-information automatically inside your trac projects - the home of your web developers and project managers.

How to set up Usersnap with trac?

Sign up for Usersnap for free

Register at for free. Log in and integrate the Usersnap bug tracker widget in your websites/applications.

Add the trac integration

Add trac as a 3rd party integration in your Usersnap settings. The Usersnap integration allows you to receive browser screenshots from your clients & colleagues and send them to your trac tickets.

Get extended information

With the trac integration from Usersnap you get extended information about the user's session: OS, browser version, screen and browser size and installed plugins. You can see browser specific issues immediately inside your trac tickets.

Why people use Usersnap?

For a better communication

Invite colleagues to Usersnap and discuss screens & bugs and find solutions together. Make your team more effective.

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To cut costs in web development

Bug reporting can be time-consuming and inefficient. With Usersnap you see what your users see. Save time with Usersnap.

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To work better with remote teams

Boost your remote team efficiency with Usersnap. Communicate, discuss & work on our web product with Usersnap.

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To empower alpha/beta testing

Improve your product with Usersnap. We give you a simple tool to make alpha & besta testing more efficient and fun.

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Be in good company

Join thousands of companies that report and solve website issues every day with the visual bug tracker Usersnap.

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