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tbk Creative is a marketing agency engineered to produce the highest quality web design and digital marketing solutions in Canada.

The company is intentionally boutique (20 staff) to attract and maintain the highest quality clients and staff. tbk Creative is also used as an incubator to produce companies and technologies that make the world and industries better. Its first incubation was AODA Online (2013) which has since become Canada’s most popular commercial web accessibility software. If you have a mandate to grow your company’s revenue through the most effective web design and digital marketing solutions, tbk Creative can assist.

Industry: Agency
HQ: London, Ontario
Website: tbkcreative.com
Using Usersnap since: January 2014

We sat down with Andre LeFort, VP of Technology at tbk Creative, to find out about how their development teams collaborate and how they use technology to build better software.

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The Challenge: Miscommunication on new digital projects

tbk Creative is a boutique agency with a tight-knit team of front and back end developers, designers, digital marketers, account managers, a small executive team, and support staff.

When something didn't look quite right, or didn't work quite as expected, it was easy to miscommunicate what exactly was being discussed and what needed to be done.

The team would send multiple follow-ups to clients, via email and phone, just to get the browser debugging information they needed to replicate the scenario on the development machines. Requests to visit “What’s My Browser?"

When hiring highly skilled technical developers, the last thing tbk Creative want to happen to them is to be taken away from solving problems, dealing with repetitive tasks just to get debug information from non technical clients was just taking up too much time.

The time wasted was monumental, and the stress and anxiety it created could be completely unmanageable at times.

Feedback from clients during alpha and beta of a website would also prove to be challenging to elicit. Terribly formatted emails, word documents or spreadsheets would often be used and an attempt at managing the specifics around the issues noted was nearly impossible.

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The Solution: Visual feedback throughout the website development process

Usersnap fills a gap that was once a very painful part of the website development process. Collaborating both internally as a team and externally with clients on elements of websites provided a host of challenges that so often would boil down to issues around communication.

First and foremost, Usersnap - with it's bug tracking solution - solved the age old issue tbk Creative had in the web space of knowing precisely what parameters were involved when the issue was logged. Andre LeFort, VP of Technology continues: "With Usersnap, we know the browser, the viewport, the desktop, the locale, pixel density, user agent. This immediately addressed bottlenecks in our QA process."

What was an added bonus was the ability to use Usersnap Track during UAT testing in our Alpha and Beta phases.

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With Usersnap Track, tbk Creative now gets feedback from clients immediately and can act accordingly. Or as Andre LeFort puts it: "We’re able to use their initial feedback as the starting point for new feature requests, providing an effective manner in which to add even more value to the website."

By integrating Usersnap Track with GitLab, now tbk Creative gets direct submission of issues from Usersnap Track into Gitlab, reducing all manual work to get feedback to the development team.


Usersnap has changed the way tbk Creative handles digital client feedback in every way.

Or as Andre LeFort puts it: "Clients are happier to simply screenshot and type their issues, our development team is happy to see the browser details and comments directly where the issue is, and the management team is happy to see work being done faster and better. Congrats Usersnap on innovating a challenging process to be smooth and simple."

We’ve observed turnaround times of under 5 minutes when issues are logged to when they are assigned and completed. It really is quite astounding that we’ve been able to automate this feedback loop between our clients and development team.

- Andre LeFort, VP of Technology at tbk Creative

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More than 3,000 tickets solved. Hundreds of websites built, and 20 happy team members.


Faster turnaround time of tickets

With Usersnap, tbk Creative managed to reduce turnaround times of tickets to less than 5 minutes.


Highly motivated development team

Instead of dealing with follow-up questions on tickets and bug reports, the team of highly skilled developers can now focus on what really matters: Building better software solutions.


Happy customers

With Usersnap, tbk Creative understands what their customers want and where they are getting stuck. With the Usersnap Track widget installed on prototypes and websites, tbk Creative can easily listen to their clients and build better web design.

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