How Söderberg & Partners improved their customer experiences

About Söderberg & Partners

Söderberg & Partners is one of the leading independent advisors and providers of insurance and financial products, with one of the largest independent insurance analysis departments in the Nordics. With their headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, they oversee 1500+ employees and 100 offices throughout the region.

the challenge

Improving customer experiences

Söderberg & Partners is eager to provide the best customer experience possible. From past experiences, they knew that no customers wanted to fill out forms. Instead, they were looking for a solution that allowed their customers to quickly give feedback inside their product and get responses in a reasonable time.
"The time wasted was monumental, and the stress and anxiety it created could be completely unmanageable at times.”
The Solution

In-product customer feedback

Söderberg & Partners decided to use Usersnap, which allows them to give qualitative feedback right inside their digital product. Customers no longer have to fill out lengthy forms, but can provide visual feedback, which is super easy to understand and even fun.

Furthermore, they were able to manage feedback with the Usersnap project management dashboard. This management process was crucial for their agile development life cycle.
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Söderberg & Partners is able to provide outstanding customer experiences by allowing customers to give instant, visual feedback. They are able to manage requests and suggestions with a new workflow that is implemented in their agile development process.
Walter Nunez
Head of Product Development
Söderberg & Partners

“Usersnap allows us to collect feedback from our customers and helps us to provide an outstanding customer experience. Highly recommend it!”
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