Onshape: How to solve complex user problems with Usersnap

Usersnap has broken down the barriers of communication and enabled our users to accurately communicate the complex 3D problems they are having

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Issues in CAD/3D hard to communicate
Variety of platforms and devices
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Communicating barrier for users

“To sum it up, Usersnap has set new standard in how we collect feedback from our users.”


Integrated systems

The support workflow includes a number of tools like Zendesk and JIRA but we also have built custom integrations to SalesForce, Vanilla Forums as well as a series of custom webhooks to power other systems.
Visual feedback

Users can accurately communicate the complex 3D problems they are having.
Empowered support

Onshape can act on most submissions without requiring another thread of communicationPromoted the voice of customers by empowering users to easily submit feedback with good UX of the tool.
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