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Love sports? Chances are high that you’ve watched a live stream or live ticker of your favorite soccer, ice hockey or basketball team on As sports fans ourselves, we were stoked to find among our customers.


laola1 tv website relaunch is one the world’s leading Sports-streaming providers, and delivers shows to sports fans around the globe. provides all of its content in the highest quality and on a broad variety of devices.

Industry: Streaming Provider
Using Usersnap since: November 2015

We sat down with Valentin Aschermann from to find out about how their development and product teams collaborate. Our main question was: How did they use Usersnap when relaunching their main platform

What was your intention and goal for your relaunch project of

We had three major objectives for our relaunch of Apart from testing a fairly new way of navigation, we put a lot of work into creating a personalized user experience.

Last but not least, the deep, contextual integration of social media within our site was a big challenge. case study usersnap

How many people were involved in the relaunch of

Basically we had five teams involved in our relaunch project. case study usersnap

What does the feedback and bug tracking process at look like?

For years, we had a very waterfall-ish approach of handling software projects using our user support via mail for tracking bugs and collecting user feedback.

“This time we wanted to do things differently.”

Together with our external partners we applied an agile approach that led to multiple feedback cycles. When we launched a new beta version of, we decided to integrate Usersnap for beta testing.

Ever since, all team members, as well as our external users switched to Usersnap for leaving feedback on our site.

“Especially our product guys loved how great this worked out!”

On a weekly basis the product management and the project management analyzed and prioritized all incoming feedback, bugs and other ideas collected with the Usersnap feedback button.

With the label manager it was easy to categorize and prioritize incoming feedback, such as: “This is a bug”, “This is spam”, “This is great feedback”.

What was the reason for choosing Usersnap?

I have been working with Usersnap in my startup SIMPLEWISH and we really appreciated the fact that Usersnap is so simple to integrate and to use.

“It doesn’t detach user feedback from its context.”

You see what the user sees. It really helped us to gather feedback and have a sympathetic ear for our customers.

What are important factors for you and your team when collecting user feedback?

With a high-traffic site, such as, gathering feedback can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, it’s very important to segment and prioritize feedback quickly.

We also tried to identify “lead users” and interact with them directly. Usersnap was very helpful for that, as it enabled us to message users directly inside our Usersnap projects. Usersnap was also helpful for asking follow-up questions and getting more tangible feedback.

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