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Increased Automation

DIG was able to automate much more of their QA, bug reporting, and feature requesting processes.

Increased Accuracy & Quality

Sufficient information and screenshots included in feedback tickets allowed quick turn-around on bug fixes.

Seamless Integration

Integration with JIRA software allows the appropriate team members to take care of the feedback.

Meet the Team

DIG is the leading professional and reliable provider of electronics solutions for optimizing businesses' acquisitions, buying/procuring, logistics and billing processes throughout Austria.

The eProcurement Consulting Agency focuses on creating and hosting software to efficiently implement purchase and payment processes in medium to large enterprises. DIG prides itself on being the ultimate acquisitions solutions provider in the IT and business consulting realms.

Working in a small and agile team allows for hands-on customer service for their suite of products that include: DIG.procure, DIG.edi, DIG.billing and DIG.services. Their clients benefit from long-standing experience, a team of experts and a network of more than 100,000 connected users, over 1,500 connected companies and 800 connected suppliers.
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The challenges

1. Bugs reporting processes lack automation

"You can't be in the front if your processes are holding you back!”
When addressing bugs that might come up within DIG’s software or handling product feature requests from clients, the manual process was slowing several teams down. Having to manually create screenshots, creating text-based bug reports, or manually creating JIRA tickets was proving to be too inefficient for DIG’s SCRUM method.

With synergistic teams (Development, Project Management, QA, and Production) working together, anything that causes unnecessary delays can put communication and projects significantly behind.

It was simply taking up way too much time and slowing the main development process down. There was an overwhelming need for instant feedback right out of the real application by real users.

2. Unable to utilizing external tools time-efficiently

The other issue was seamlessly connecting necessary bug report information or feature request information directly into the programs that the teams at DIG have worked into their daily process.

DIG utilizes JIRA for their ticketing and project management and needed an alternative to manually creating tickets. A way to integrate bug tracking and feature requests would save valuable time and headaches.

3. Inaccuracies and quality depletion

Another problem that DIG was running into was the fact that manual reporting leaves a lot of room for error. Error in reporting the exact parameters, like browser & meta information, when the issue or requirement happened or is needed. This causes issues with the quality of the reported issues and causes further problems down the line.

If the QA and Dev teams don’t have the correct information to recreate any bugs within the system or exactly where a client might want a product feature update, that’s additional time required to gather the necessary information.

These problems, and needs for a more efficient way, were causing teams to have to spend too much time focusing on the QA process. This, of course, takes away from the time spent on what matters most - providing more enterprises an outsourced solution for electronic business processes.

The Solution

Quick & accurate feedback collection for all projects with one tool.

DIG found several answers by using Usersnap. Fist and foremost, they now get real-time screenshots right out of the user’s browser with specific context of the logged in user, the selected sub-menu and the Document Object Model (DOM) and Javascript information.

Secondly, they seamlessly integrated Usersnap with Jira, meaning the screenshot bug reports are automatically converted to Jira issues. The QA and support teams can confirm and work on each ticket and involve the DevOps team when required smoothly.
“Instant feedback right out of the real application by real users without the need to use external tools is just great.”
DIG now has a perfect solution to maintain an efficient and streamlined process for bug reporting and feature upgrade process that involves their synergistic in-house teams as well as clients themselves. They have been able to automate much of these processes. This allows DIG to remain at the forefront of technology within offering electronic business process solutions for some of Austria’s leading enterprises.

Instead of manually creating screenshots, tickets and bug reports, often based on incorrect meta and browser information from clients, they can now instantly capture the specifications and solve any bugs that may come up and integrate features that continue to wow clients.

Tons of hours saved, hundreds of client’s enterprises helped, an industry leading software and a very productive team of employees.
“The quality of the reported issues improved significantly. We can get instant feedback, with meta data and context of the logged in user, the DOM and JS information.”
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Dieter Dobersberger,
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