Bug tracking with Usersnap Redmine Bug Tracker plugin ?
Try the Redmine bug tracker from Usersnap Integration for Redmine

Get screenshots and bug reports attached to your Redmine projects with the visual bug tracker integration from Usersnap. Try the Redmine bug tracker from Usersnap.

Why to integrate Usersnap with Redmine for tracking bugs?

  • Usersnap is a visual bug tracking and feedback tool for everyone working on a web project. It makes bug tracking easy and collaboration with colleagues and clients professional. Bug tracking with the Redmine integration from Usersnap was never easier.
  • Visual annotated screenshots attached to every Redmine project will bring designers, developers and project managers on the same page. Get it from the Redmine bug tracker.
  • Receive additional and helpful meta-information automatically with every story within the Redmine bug tracker integration from Usersnap.
  • Usersnap provides easy-to-use tools for visual communication and bug tracking for Redmine and it works in every browser - even on mobile:






Pixel Ruler


Full Integration of the Usersnap Web Dashboard and your existing tool

With click and point bug tracking we provide you the perfect Redmine integration for bug tracking

The Redmine bug tracker plugin from Usersnap allows you to discuss screens and find solutions together. Discuss mockups and sketches. Annotate them and push them back to your Redmine projects.

Get advanced client-side JavaScript errors in your Redmine projects with the Redmine plugin for bug tracking from Usersnap

See advanced client-side JavaScript errors and XHR Logs and browse them. With the visual bug tracker you get bug reports with advanced client-side JavaScript errors. Usersnap records JavaScript errors as they happened, along with other information needed.

See browser specific issues directly in your Redmine projects with the Usersnap plugin for Redmine

With the Redmine bug tracker integration from Usersnap you get extended information about the user's session: OS, browser version, screen and browser size and installed plugins. You can see browser specific issues immediately in your Redmine projects.

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See what others say:

With Usersnap's visual feedback tool we managed to get rid of two thirds of endless meetings, unhelpful problem descriptions and confusing mail communication.

This means more time for doing the actual work and thus a better product. Clients like it, developers love it.

Mathias Frey
Mathias Frey
(Head of Development WU Vienna)
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Why people use Usersnap?

For a better communication

Invite colleagues to Usersnap and discuss screens & bugs and find solutions together. Make your team more effective.

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To cut costs in web development

Bug reporting can be time-consuming and inefficient. With Usersnap you see what your users see. Save time with Usersnap.

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To work better with remote teams

Boost your remote team efficiency with Usersnap. Communicate, discuss & work on our web product with Usersnap.

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To empower alpha/beta testing

Improve your product with Usersnap. We give you a simple tool to make alpha & besta testing more efficient and fun.

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