Swift and Smart: AI features for speeding up user insights 

Our new AI features help free teams’ time to focus more on strategic tasks in product development. They speed up the feedback process by summarizing feedback items for every project, identifying high-urgency issues and frequently requested topics, and optimizing response times with AI-generated replies. Now available as beta for our customers.

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AI-generated insights for user feedback
Josef Trauner on AI Development

Our Principles on AI Development

At Usersnap, we prioritize a meticulous approach to implementing AI. We understand the importance of delivering value to our users while ensuring strict adherence to security requirements. With dedication and commitment, we are diligently building three new features that not only enhance the user experience but also provided robust security measures.

Josef Trauner - CEO Usersnap
AI-generated replies

Save time and effort
with the AI-generated replies

No more struggling to craft the perfect response from scratch. Engage with customers promptly using generated reply text based on user feedback. Select from different tones, whether friendly or professional, allowing you to focus on more strategic task.

Gain comprehensive insights through
AI-driven analyses

Say goodbye to sifting through endless feedback on each project. Save valuable time by extracting key information and swiftly gaining a comprehensive understand of each feedback project.

AI-driven analyses
Smart labels by AI | Usersnap

Detect spam and uncover urgent feedback with  smart labels

Automate the process of prioritization to emphasize high urgency issues and frequently reported/ requested topics. Simplify the process of labeling feedback items for easy identification of important ones, facilitating prompt responses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will these features be available?
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How is data being processed by AI?
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Is prior AI experience required? 
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Who can benefit from these AI features?
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Additional support?
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