Webhooks + Usersnap

Capture feedback with Usersnap and send it 3rd party solutions via Webhooks

Integrate your Enterprise software with Usersnap via Webhooks

Usersnap sends annotated screenshots & bug reports from colleagues, customers & website visitors

With Usersnap's webhook integration, an annotated screenshot with important browser information is sent to your your custom infrastructure every time a feedback is created with Usersnap. Usersnap sends bug reports as MIME multipart file-upload to your URL.
Usersnap in action

Get more information and build better applications

Receive additional and helpful meta-information (such as browser versions, installed browser plugins) automatically with the webhooks from Usersnap.
Build better websites & applications.
Webhooks in action

Have your user feedback & bug reports all in one place

In case you are using a custom-made software, Usersnap's webhook integration lets you receive bug reports & screenshots from your website visitors & clients.
Webhooks integration in Usersnap

TwEEts about usersnap + Integration

Addthis - a happy customer for many years

"In a global organization with over 2,000 employees, Usersnap’s easy to use solution is essential in scaling up our feedback exchange."

Gerald Haydtner

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