Webhooks + Usersnap

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Why connect Usersnap with Webhooks?

Feedback & bugs in one place

In case you are using a custom made software, Usersnap enables you to receive bug reports & screenshots from your website visitors & clients. Simply use our HTTP-Push API.

How to connect Usersnap with your inbox?


Register for a Usersnap account

Get your Usersnap account and setup your first bug tracking project.

Embed the feedback widget on your site or web app

Install the Usersnap feedback button on your site/web app or use our browser extensions to receive bug reports and feedback.

Set up your Usersnap project's webhook integrations

Get email notifications in your inbox for every feedback created with the Usersnap button. Here's a setup guide for Usernap's webhook integration..

Screenshots from colleagues, customers & website visitors

With Usersnap's webhook integration, we send annotated screenshots to your custom infrastructure every time a bug report or feedback is created with Usersnap. Usersnap sends bug reports as MIME multipart file-upload to your URL.

More information. Better applications.

Receive additional and helpful meta-information (such as browser versions, installed browser plugins) automatically with the webhooks from Usersnap. Build better websites & applications.

TwEEts about usersnap + Assembla Integrations

Product Development

Speed up development cycles & enhance communication with visual feedback and Usersnap Classic.
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Customer Experience

Increase customer happiness with website & product feedback
from Usersnap CX.
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"Getting detailed, visual feedback has eliminated confusion and streamlined our QA process"
Behnaz Babazadeh