Google Tag Manager + Usersnap

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Why connect Usersnap via your Google Tag Manager?

A few lines of code to start getting visual feedback on your website

Usersnap is an application that keeps track of all your website's bugs.

Just add Usersnap's simple & easy-to-use widget to your Google Tag Manager and start collecting feedback and bug reports for website issues.
Usersnap with features

Get screenshots from colleagues, customers & website visitors

Annotated screenshots attached to every bug report will bring designers, developers and project managers on the same page.
Usersnap in action

Just add an HTML element to your Google Tag Manager

Usersnap is super easy to integrate via Google Tag Manager.

Add the Usersnap snippet to your Google Tag Manager and start collecting bug reports with annotated screens along on your website.
Usersnap code integration

How to set up Usersnap with Google Tag manager?


Register for a Usersnap account.

Get your Usersnap account
and set up your first Usersnap project.

Get the Usersnap
Widget code.

Copy & Paste the widget code of Usersnap to an HTML element within Google Tag Manager

Connect Usersnap to your website.

Add the Usersnap snippet to Google Tag Manager, manage where to show the feedback button, and you're ready to go.

TwEEts about usersnap + GTM Integration

Addthis - a happy customer for many years

"We love how easy it was to install Usersnap in our product. Getting visual feedback has eliminated confusion and streamlined our QA process."

Behnaz Babazadeh

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Build better products with the help of user feedback

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