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Add the GitLab issue tracking integration from Usersnap

Get screenshots and bug reports attached to your GitLab issues with the Usersnap integration. Try the GitLab issue tracker from Usersnap.

Why to connect GitLab with Usersnap?

GitLab issue tracking integration from Usersnap

Send annotated screenshots & bug report to GitLab Issues.

The GitLab issue tracking integration from Usersnap allows you to discuss screenshots inside GitLab Issues. Discuss mockups and prototypes. Annotate them and push them back to GitLab Issues.

Feedback, issues & tickets. Always up-to-date inside GitLab.

Once connected with GitLab Issues, Usersnap sends annotated screenshots to GitLab every time a screenshot or bug report is created with the Usersnap feedback widget.

GitLab issue tracking with Usersnap feedback widget
gitlab issue tracker integration usersnap

Fix & reproduce issues faster.

See advanced client-side JavaScript errors and XHR Logs and browse them. With Usersnap you get bug reports with advanced client-side JavaScript errors. Usersnap records JavaScript errors as they happened, along with other information needed.

How to set up GitLab with Usersnap?


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Register at for free. Sign up and integrate the feedback widget in your websites/applications.

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Add the GitLab issue tracker

The Usersnap integration for GitLab allows you to discuss screenshots and bug reports inside GitLab. Add the integration in your Usersnap project settings.

Add GitLab issue tracking integration from Usersnap


Get extended information

With the GitLab integration from Usersnap you get extended information about the user's session: OS, browser version, screen and browser size and installed plugins.

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