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Every little secret about Usersnap

Connecting Usersnap with Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker and Usersnap can be connected easily - Usersnap delivers tickets including screenshots directly to your Pivotal Tracker.

Please find your Pivotal Tracker API token on your profile page in Pivotal Tracker under the section "API token":

pivotal tracker usersnap

Copy and paste this API token into the Usersnap API configuration:

pivotal tracker usersnap

After you click on the "Connect Now" button, you can select pre-filled fields for your reports, including the Pivotal Project, the Story Type, Points, Labels or State.

Everything but the project is optional. It is also possible to change the requester or owner of the ticket.

Setting the state will help you categorize your Usersnap tickets.

pivotal tracker usersnap

Finally you will receive Usersnap screenshots delivered directly to your Pivotal Tracker dashboard as displayed below.

pivotal tracker usersnap

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