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Every little secret about Usersnap

Connecting Usersnap with JIRA

JIRA and Usersnap can be easily connected.

Go to your project’s 3rd Party Integration tab and select JIRA from the grid.

Integration 3rd party usersnap jira

Next, choose the kind of JIRA installation you have, JIRA Cloud or On-Premise. Then, you enter the credentials of the user and the hostname of your JIRA installation to the delivery configuration panel.

Integration usersnap jira cloud or on-premise

For security reasons it is highly recommended to configure a specific JIRA user which is only allowed to create issues (e.g. name the user "usersnap_feedback"). For detailed information about how to configure restricted users, please visit the JIRA documentation.

create jira user for usersnap

After entering your JIRA credentials, click on "Connect now!". You can now choose the JIRA project where you want to send your Usersnap screens, the issue type (bug, task, improvement, etc.) and which priority level the issue should have.

connect jira with bug tracker from usersnap

Click ‘Save’ and you start sending your Usersnap screens directly to your JIRA bug tracker.

JIRA ticket Usersnap screenshot

Using GoogleApps authentication with JIRA

If you are using JIRA OnDemand with Google Apps integration, you need to know that there are two different login credentials - the JIRA-User and the Google-User.

Usersnap uses the JIRA API, therefore you need to enter your OnDemand-Password. You can set or change your OnDemand-Password here:

Changing your Password in Atlassian OnDemand.

Please note that your username will be only the part before the “@” of your login email address.
Example: yourname is the username if is your email address.

Common Problems

There are two common pitfalls when connecting Usersnap with JIRA. The first are missing permissions of the connected account, the other problem is missing fields in the screen configuration.

Please make sure that the used account to connect Usersnap with JIRA has the "Create Issue" project permission for the project you want Usersnap to add issues to. You can find further information on how to manage project permissions in the JIRA documentation.

The second important thing to check are the fields defined for the target screen. Usersnap uses various fields to define an issue, some of them are optional:

  • Summary
  • Description
  • Priority (optional)
  • Reporter (optional)
  • Environment (optional)

Please use the JIRA Documentation to find out how to edit screens and add at least the mandatory fields.

configure JIRA ticket

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