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Every little secret about Usersnap

Connecting Usersnap with FogBugz

Usersnap supports both versions of FogBugz: on demand and on premise.
Please enter your account information and your connection URL for your Fogbugz user. If you are using Fogbugz on demand, please make sure to use https:// instead of http://.

Connect Usersnap to FogBugz

After successfully connecting Fogbugz and Usersnap, you can set up different fields for your reports, including your Fogbugz Project, Area, Category and Ticket Priority.
It's also possible to change the Assignee or the Reporter of the ticket.
Setting the Status or the Milestone will help you categorize your Usersnap tickets.

Set up the FogBugz connection to Usersnap

Finally you will receive Usersnap screenshots delivered directly to your FogBugz dashboard as displayed below.

Usersnap Report in FogBugz

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