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Connecting Usersnap with Basecamp

If you use Basecamp as your project management tool and want to connect Usersnap and Basecamp, screenshots generated by Usersnap will appear as tasks in an auto-generated to-do list in Basecamp.

Here’s a short video how to connect Usersnap and Basecamp:

First of all select Basecamp from the 3rd party integration grid on the left side.

basecamp integration

Click on the "Connect now" button to start the connection process.

basecamp connect usersnap

You need to sign in at Basecamp and grant Usersnap access as shown below.

basecamp integration usersnap basecamp connect bug tracking

After you have successfully authorized Usersnap to connect to your Basecamp account, please pick your desired Basecamp account, your Basecamp project and a prefix which will be used for entries in the Usersnap to-do list.

basecamp bug tracking integration

Optionally, you can set a default assignee here. Please note that only users with sufficient access rights to the specified project can be selected. Another option is to set a default due date to the generated task. If you want to map the email address given on feedback submission to the todo creator, check the 'Set reporter as creator' box. If the email address is not found in your list of Basecamp users, the default is used. Note that this feature is not available with Basecamp Classic.

Below you can see an example task in your selected to-do list. The Usersnap screenshot is attached automatically to this task in your to-do list!

basecamp bug tracking integration

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