Meet the CTO: Talking to Jan Varljen from Productive

Meet the CTO is a new series about CTOs, their daily lives, roles, and responsibilities. This week, we talk to Jan Varljen, CTO of Productive.

Jan shares his story of starting out as a web developer at one of the largest agencies in Croatia. As the CTO of, Jan is now managing a team of developers building the next generation of agency software.

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Meet the team: CPO Josef Trauner

Josef is co-founder & CPO at Usersnap and runs the development- and product-side. Before founding Usersnap Josef worked on various tech- and web projects, starting his first business right out of high school. Being co-founder and CPO we sat down with Josef to talk about his life and daily habits.

Meet the team and community is a series introducing our team and the Usersnap community. You’ll get new insights about the life and work of us Usersnapians and might discover new glimpses on the latest technologies.

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7 outstanding female CTOs you should follow

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It’s a sad fact that the tech industry is still vastly dominated by men. Currently, women hold only around 25% of all tech jobs. The number is even smaller for management roles. Only 14% of all CTO positions in tech companies belong to women. You’d think with all the innovative products, ideas and technologies launched every day, the tech industry would have figured out gender equality. Well, it hasn’t. As technology keeps advancing into every aspect of our lives, this is something that has to change. It is more important than ever to make women seen and female voices heard.

Today, we want to present you 7 outstanding female CTOs. These women are leading the way for women in tech in 2017 and beyond.

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Meet the community: Luciano Mammino, software developer from Sicily

Luciano Mammino is a web developer, entrepreneur, butterfly maker and since recently, a book author. Luciano is also one of our guest writers for our own blog where he published great tutorials on how to build fast web applications.

This week we had a chance to sit down with Luciano to talk about his book release and discuss the latest development trends.

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Markus Schmeiduch: I think the classic client/agency concept is broken.

When we started Usersnap we wanted to help people in Web Development and Design to focus on the more important stuff in life than handling endless Email support conversations. That’s why we are starting a new series in our blog, called “Picture My Work”. In this series we ask designers and web devs to give us a little sneak peak into their daily work routines, their values, their tools and what they like / dislike about their work.

This is the third post in this series and we asked Markus Schmeiduch, who founded Flying, an app that brings back the glamour of the Pan Am era, for his set of answers. Follow him on Twitter: @smeidu or see his website.

1. Tell us about your work in 140 characters.
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