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Using Usersnap as a JIRA alternative

JIRA is world's most popular bug tracking & issue tracking system. So why look for an alternative? First, it's expensive. Especially when making use of screen capture plugins, JIRA gets expensive pretty fast. It quickly escalates as most plugins required additional monthly fees (especially if you'd like to add screen capture features). Second, JIRA is an enterprise system. As a small to mid-sized business, using JIRA is just an overhead. Third, if you want to customize JIRA, even when it's a minor modification, get ready to pay JIRA consultants $200+/hr for their work. If you are looking for a JIRA alternative, Usersnap is an ideal replacement. Here's a detailed feature comparison between the two:


Free for 7 days

$75/month for 15 users

Project & issue tracking features

Custom filters & search queries

Customizable workflows

1,000 add-ons


Free for 15 days

$69/month for 10 users

Project & issue tracking features

Custom filters & search queries

Customizable workflows

25+ integrations

Screen capture feature

Simple usage for non-developers


  • Great system for large teams & enterprises
  • Comprehensive modifications & customizations
  • Large community & marketplace


  • Great investment & comitment up-front
  • Expensive customization
  • Not SMB-friendly
  • Expensive add-ons & plugins

Usersnap Pros

  • Great system for small- & mid-sized teams
  • Easy setup & simple to use
  • Great alternative to JIRA capture
  • Additional meta information to every bug report

Why people use the Usersnap alternative instead of JIRA?

Usersnap helps you build great digital products.

With Usersnap Feedback, Chat and Track, you'll get everything you need for building digital products.

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