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About Hifyre

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Hifyre is a digital product studio based out of Hamilton, Ontario (Canada). It consists of a small but growing team of digital makers, working on projects such as mobile apps, custom software, and websites.

Hifyre works with businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500’s. They excel at getting into the fundamentals of their client’s businesses and delivering not only digital products, but a digital roadmap for driving their client’s businesses forward. They’ve been called a “CTO for hire” on more than one occasion.

Industry: Agency
HQ: Hamilton, Ontario
Website: hifyre.com
Using Usersnap since: October 2016

We sat down with Alex Verdurmen, Managing Director at Hifyre, to find out more about product development and client projects.

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The Challenge: Coordinating software development projects

As part of the process of delivering efficient, powerful solutions for clients, Hifyre reflected on their process and asked themselves how they could be doing what they do, faster, and better.

One of the critical elements in any project with multiple stakeholders, is establishing a clear line of communication, and trying to cut down on the back and forth.

Before Hifyre started to use Usersnap Track, there was a lot of manual work; Typically Hifyre would receive a PDF from the client, and then copy all of the information over into their development boards.

‘Overall, the team at Hifyre used to spend a lot of time troubleshooting, explaining to our clients how to determine their browser version, and screen size.’

hifyre software development

The Solution: Stakeholder feedback as part of the development process

With Usersnap Track, Hifyre made stakeholder feedback a part of their standardized process. Hifyre simply embedded the Usersnap feedback button, which enables their clients to provide very clear markup and commentary on any of the sections of the product in development.

Hifyre also utilized the available Trello and Slack integrations which allow them to send bug reports directly to the development boards inside Trello. Therefore, the software development team can see the feedback directly as the client described it. The team at Hifyre also gets notified of new project updates directly inside Slack. Therefore, everyone is aware when a new ticket has been added.

Integrating these features allowed the product managers to go in, provide additional context if needed, and quickly assign a developer to take over a task. Having the feedback widget record browser, screen size, and console data, significantly cut down on troubleshooting as the team no longer need to ask the logical question, “What browser are you in?”

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‘‘Hifyre has found Usersnap Track and its integrations to be very easy to setup, and simple to integrate into our workflow. We’ve loved the product from day one and can only hope for something to be developed for our native application builds as well!’

Generally speaking we’ve found Usersnap to really help create intangible cost efficiencies for our business as it’s helped eliminate hours that used to go towards coordinating things Usersnap now does automatically for us.

- Alex Verdurmen, Managing Director at Hifyre

alex verdurmen, managing director client service hifyre


More than 1,500 tickets solved, 20+ ongoing software projects, and multiple applications developed.


Easy setup and workflow integration

Setting up Usersnap Track and integrating it throughout all software development projects is easy.


Increased cost efficiency

Through automation in stakeholder feedback, Hifyre was able to create cost efficiencies for its business. Multiple hours saved per week.


Feedback part of development

Hifyre made stakeholder feedback a part of their standardized process.

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