Manual Testing

Manual Testing for your Software Tool

Before you launch a new version, optimize your manual testing process with visual user feedback and bug tracking. Your engineers should understand all collected issues with asking further questions.

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User Acceptance Testing

Steamline your Acceptance Testing

In-app screenshots and screen-recordings (video) of the browser screens, adding context-related comments or draw is the simplest way to get valuable feedback from your users or testers. And all within your browser without extensions.

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visual feedback
visual bug reporting

Visual Feedback for Manual Testing

What is not working in your new version of your software product or your web project? Creating screenshots of their screens, annotations or drawing is the simplest way to get valuable feedback from your users in manual tests. And all within your browser without extensions.

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Visual Bug Reporting

Remove endless conversations about browser versions, screen sizes and which button does not work. Let your users report bugs in manual tests where they happen, inside your browser, in your product.

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Integration Atlassian

Fully integrated into Jira

Connect Usersnap with Jira Software and receive annotated screenshots in your Jira every time a bug report or feedback is created with Usersnap. And there are 2,000 more integrations available.

Bring designers, developers and project managers on the same page.

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Incomplete bug reports cost you money

Save costs by removing the communication need between your testers and developers. A screenshot with comments and done. Every hour of a developer can cost up to $300.

Why not save this for your product development?

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Integrate with your favorite tools

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Collect feedback,
ship better & faster.

Make precise product decisions with user feedback

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