Jira + Usersnap Integration

Improve bug reporting UX & tracking process

Usersnap’s widgets make reporting bugs and feature requests easier so that you have higher quality data for your Jira tickets. Enhance Jira's issue tracking capabilities with Usersnap's feedback board and status sync.

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Jira issue tracking integration: Usersnap two-way sync feedback collection
Screen capture and metadata as website feedback

Report issues with screen captures & metadata

Make it easy for non-technical users to share issues and suggestions with screen recording or screenshot and annotation tools. Automatically see the user environment data and console log errors attached to each feedback. 

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More context for your Jira ticket and developers

Send the exact user issue or request for your developers to gain the best judgement. Add or edit the ticket with all the info and Jira field selection directly in Usersnap. Streamline your actions for higher productivity.

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Jira ticket of Usersnap feedback
Sync status and Jira component fields directly from Usersnap

Two-way sync to boost issue tracking efficiency

Status changes can be mapped and synced both ways to help product managers and stakeholders stay on top of development progress. Two-way installation offers greater security.

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Know the impact by connecting user feedback

Cluster and label user feedback to quantify the importance of a product topic. Or bring Usersnap into your Jira Product Discovery roadmaps as insights. See and understand the impact of your user-centric efforts.

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Jira Product Discovery: add insights from Usersnap | User Feedback Platform

A user-friendly way to capture issues for Jira

Build better products
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