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Every little secret about Usersnap

Connecting Usersnap with Trello

Usersnap and Trello can be connected easily.

First, you need to find your incoming email address for your Trello Board. You will find it under "Menu" | "Email-to-board Settings" of your current board.

trello usersnap

Copy the Email address and set up the desired List and Position of new Usersnap screenshots in your Trello board:

trello bug tracking usersnap

To start your integration, please select Trello in the 3rd party integration grid:

trello bug tracking usersnap

Back on the Usersnap Dashboard page, please enter your Trello incoming email address into the panel. You can set a subject prefix to find Usersnap tickets easier. If your users enter email addresses (or are required to) the ticket is automatically connected to them and you can reply easily within Trello.

trello bug tracking usersnap

Your design feedbacks and screenshots are now added automatically as Trello cards.

trello bug tracking usersnap

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