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Connecting Usersnap with Team
Foundation Server

Teaam Foundation Server and Usersnap can be easily connected.
Usersnap can be connected to the on demand TFS version on

    There are two ways to connect Usersnap to your on demand Team Foundation Server. You can authenticate with the service using OAuth authorization or by enabling Basic authorization on

      Go to your Usersnap project’s 3rd Party Integration tab and select Visual Studio from the grid.

      Integration 3rd party usersnap tfs

      Choose the kind of TFS authorization you would like to use, OAuth or Basic.

        To connect using OAuth Authorization:

      • Enter the hostname of your TFS account. It will look something like this:
      • tfs usersnap
      • Click on “Connect now!” and sign into your TFS account to grant access to Usersnap.
      • tfs usersnap
      • After you have successfully authorized Usersnap to connect to your TFS account, you can now choose your desired TFS project.
      • Choose the work item type as well as other fields available. The settings will apply for every issue item sent to TFS.
      • Click ‘Save’ and start sending your Usersnap screens to your TFS Project.
        • tfs usersnap

          To connect using Basic Authorization:

        • Log into your Team Foundation Server account.
        • Go to the 'Alternate authentication credentials' tab in the Security settings of your account profile.
        • Click on 'Enable alternate authentication credentials'
        • Enter a password. It is suggested that you choose a unique password here (not associated with any other accounts)
        • Click Save Changes
        • tfs usersnap
        • After enabling alternate authentication credentials in TFS, you can now connect Usersnap to your TFS account.
        • Enter your TFS alternate authentication credentials (Usersname and Password) in the Usersnap 3rd Party Integration tab.
        • Enter the hostname of your TFS account. It will look something like this:
        • tfs usersnap
        • Click on “Connect now!
        • You can now choose your desired TFS project.
        • tfs usersnap
        • Click ‘Save’ and start having your Usersnap screenshots delivered directly to your TFS Project.
        • tfs ticket

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