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Every little secret about Usersnap

Connecting Usersnap with Teamwork

Usersnap and Teamwork can be created by creating Teamwork tasks via email.

The first step is to define which Teamwork user should be used to create tasks in a project. You can list all users of a certain project in the Teamwork dashboard by clicking the people tab. Just copy the email address of the chosen user to the Teamwork integration settings.

teamwork usersnap

Identify Project Email

Every Teamwork project allows to create tasks via a specific project email address. This address needs to be configured in the integration settings and can be found in the 'Tasks' tab of your project under 'Options' -> 'Post a task via email'. Copy the shown email address to the 'Project email' setting in the integration configuration.

teamwork usersnap

You can also define a subject prefix for your tasks title as well as a task priority (choose 'No Priority' to ignore this setting). Default task assignees can be added, please use Teamworks familiar notation for people. If you want assignees to become notified, check the provided notifications checkbox.

teamwork usersnap

After hitting save you will receive Usersnap screenshots delivered directly to your Teamwork dashboard, including important meta information like the used browser version, the exact URL and notes of the user.

teamwork usersnap

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