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Connecting Usersnap with GitLab

GitLab and Usersnap can be easily connected.
Usersnap supports both cloud accounts on as well as on-premise installations.

Go to the Account tab in your GitLab profile settings and copy the private token.
You will need this when you connect Usersnap to Trello.

gitlab integration

Go to your Usersnap project’s 3rd Party Integration tab and select Gitlab from the grid.

Integration 3rd party usersnap gitlab

Enter your Gitlab private token. If you are using the on-premise version, you will need to enter your hostname.
Click on Connect now!.

gitlab integration

You can now choose the GitLab repository where you want to send your Usersnap screens, the default assignee, milestone as well as issue labels.

gitlab integration

Click ‘Save’ and start sending your Usersnap screens directly to your GitLab repository.

gitlab integration

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