Collect better bug reports with Pivotal Tracker and Usersnap

pivotal tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a collaborative, lightwight agile project management tool, brought to you by the experts in agile software development: Pivotal Labs. Pivotal Tracker helps bring everyone, even distributed teams, into the same virtual room.

It allows you to deliver on Customer Feedback, respond to changing needs and new requirements easily and supercharge your agile project teams with real time collaboration.

Usersnap integrates with Pivotal Tracker, helping you communicate effectively about issues with your users and share feedback between developers, customers and quality assurance engineers. Speed up your development process by hooking up Usersnap and Pivotal Tracker.

Working on a web project?

Getting annotated screenshots attached to bug reports will raise a smile on every developer’s face. Usersnap allows your testers to provide a visual description of what might be a bug in form of annotated screenshots. Additionally you will get important information such as the used browser, the used operating system and the URL where the bug has occured. Your testers can choose between a drawing pen, a highlighting tool and sticky notes to illustrate and annotate the bug report. To enable Usersnap on your web project, a snippet of code has to be added, which is as simple as installing Google Analytics (TM). After that, a feedback-button appears and one can collect bug reports directly in Pivotal Tracker.

Connect Usersnap with Pivotal Tracker

If you are using Pivotal Tracker for bug tracking and project management, Usersnap can deliver tickets including screenshots directly into your Pivotal Tracker!

Please find your Pivotal Tracker API token on your profile page in Pivotal Tracker under the section “API token”:

create token for Pivotal Tracker

Copy and paste this API token into the Usersnap API configuration:

insert Pivotal Tracker API-token

After you click on the “Connect Now” button, you can select pre-filled fields for your reports, including the Project, Story type, Points or State. Everything but the Project is optional. If you don’t choose anything, Usersnap picks your default value.

It’s also possible to change the Requester or Owner of the ticket. Setting the State will help you categorize your Usersnap tickets:

Structurize Feedback for Pivotal Tracker

And finally you will receive Usersnap screenshots delivered directly into your Pivotal Tracker dashboard.

screenshot attached to your Pivotal Tracker ticket

The screenshot is attached to the ticket.

Give it a try

Point-and-click issue-reporting on web projects is always more effective than describing feedback textually. It is also an easy way to collect feedback from people outside of your project team as it’s easy to use.

Feel free to try out Usersnap in combination with Pivotal Tracker – Save 30% in October! Pivotal Tracker customers can save 30% for a limited time with the following discount code: AGILEPIVOT.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. We are happy to help!