User behavior analytics for SaaS: best tips and examples for 2024

User behavior analytics are part of the puzzle for a SaaS company’s success. They unlock the insights, both said and unsaid, by customers, and create better product decisions for customers over time.

Ever so often, a morning for a SaaS product manager could look like this: 

  1. Grab a stimulating morning beverage (I like coffee myself)
  2. Check the customer feedback received
  3. Monitor customer support tickets
  4. Look at the roadmap
  5. Dig deeper into heatmaps and user behavior analytics
  6. Align with colleagues on what to build next

All of this seems great on paper, but in practice, this gets tricky. Why? Did you ever find yourself in a “paralysis by analysis” situation? If so, there’s too much information to make sense of it, and now you’re blocked from moving forward.

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Digital engagement trends for web design in 2024

Getting your customers and website visitors engaged with your product is a tall order. Did you ever think “if only we pull this product lever, they’ll start doing what we want”, only to find out you overdid it? Happens all the time, and we’ve got some furiously funny customer feedback to prove it. This is why nailing digital engagement for web and app design is crucial for more happy customers and visitors.

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