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From startups to Fortune 500 - Usersnap Track helps big & small companies get feedback and track bugs.




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Dashboard / team collaboration bug tracking dashboard

Basic support

100,000 pageviews/mo included













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Dashboard / team collaboration bug tracking dashboard

Connect with 20+ project management tools tool bug tracking

Connect 20+ bug tracking tools integration bug tracking

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100,000 pageviews/mo included











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Dashboard / team collaboration pricing usersnap

Connect with 20+ project management tools usersnap integrations

Connect 20+ bug tracking tools bug tracking tool connect

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200,000 pageviews/mo included

Connect with your customer care tools bug tracking software usersnap

Client-side error recording

Wildcard URLs




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We're helping companies like Hawaiian Airlines and Facebook to collect feedback and report bugs and would also love to help you!

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usersnap enterprise features
Which project management- & bug tracking integrations are included?

Jira bug tracking integration Basecamp bug tracking integration Asana bug tracking integration Trello bug tracking integration Pivotal Tracker bug tracking integration Redmine bug tracking integration Github bug tracking integration Gitlab bug tracking integration Axosoft bug tracking integration trac bug tracking integration fogbugz bug tracking integration Kanbanize bug tracking integration TFS bug tracking integration Teamwork bug tracking integration Slack bug tracking integration Hipchat bug tracking integration bitbucket bug tracking integration active collab bug tracking integration

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Which customer care integrations are included?

zendesk connect usersnap intercom bug tracking integration desk screenshot integration

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Can I switch plans?

Yes, absolutely. Please get in touch to get assistance.

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Please check our help page.

Moreover, we are always happy to help - just get in touch with us.

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Payment methods

You don't need a credit card to sign up for a free 15-day trial. Go ahead!

We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express. Please get in touch if you need alternative payment options.

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You can choose between monthly and yearly payments. You can cancel anytime, however we do not offer partial refunds. If you are a business customer within the EU (except Austria) with a valid VAT number, no VAT will be charged.

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From startups to Fortune 500 – over 120,000 websites made better with Usersnap.

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