Usersnap’s joint journey with saas.group

Usersnap + SaaS Group

We’re excited to announce saas.group’s strategic acquisition of our user feedback platform. This collaboration propels us into a new chapter with a commitment to innovation and growth, where user insights will continue to shape the future of product development.

From the very inception of Usersnap, our mission has remained steadfast: to empower teams with a seamless avenue for collecting invaluable user feedback. Now, as we partner with saas.group, our capabilities are set to reach new heights. This acquisition opens doors to enhancing our services and further refining the way user feedback is collected, organized, and scaled within an organization. 

We’re excited to embark on this journey with saas.group, and we’re confident that this collaboration will lead us to new horizons. The alignment of our visions and the expertise, that saas.group brings to the table, provide exceptional potential for growth and innovation. 

Our dedicated team and leadership at Usersnap Ashley Cheng (Head of Growth), Martin Sereinig (CTO), Klaus-M. Schremser (CRO, co-Founder) and Josef Trauner (CEO, co-Founder) will continue to work on the vision of Usersnap to become the go-to solution for companies to grow with the power of feedback.

In this transformative time, Josef Trauner and Tim Schumacher, co-founder and CEO of saas.group, offer insights into the exciting prospects that lie ahead.

What are the primary synergies or opportunities you see through this acquisition?

Josef Trauner, CEO of Usersnap: “Considering saas.group remarkable success and extensive experience in operating many software brands, leveraging synergies to enhance product development, technical expertise, and operating efficiency are at the core of their business strategy. Simultaneously, this acquisition allows us to focus on expanding and improving our SaaS product for our customers with innovative features. That’s why I am fully convinced that this strategic acquisition will give both of us a great future.”

What were the reasons that motivated saas.group to acquire Usersnap?

Tim Schumacher, CEO of saas.group: “As a serial acquirer of best-in-class solutions, we always have our ear to the ground on industry trends and market leaders. After extensive research, we concluded that customer experience software is a critical growth area, especially in a recession economy. Usersnap operates in an attractive niche in this market, allowing businesses to enhance their product development and improve customer satisfaction and offering a compelling return on investment. Moreover, we have the utmost confidence in Josef (Trauner, CEO) and Klaus-M. (Schremser, CRO), along with their extended team to continue delivering exceptional value to their clients.”

How will this joint journey impact users of Usersnap now?

Josef Trauner, CEO of Usersnap: “Usersnap will retain its identity as an individual brand, and our dedicated team will remain unchanged. Users’ subscriptions and contractual agreements will remain unaffected. However, our company is now backed by a global organization that employs more than 250 people, 16 amazing SaaS companies, and a total of $50M in ARR (annual recurring revenue) in their synergetic portfolio. The team at Usersnap will continue to work hands-on with the product and our customers, we are delighted and looking forward to collaborating with the seasoned experts from saas.group to bring additional drive to the growth of Usersnap.”

How do you see the future of Usersnap after this acquisition?

Tim Schumacher, CEO of saas.group: “Usersnap already has a well-rounded product and strong business financials, but of course, there are some areas where we see potential to add some value. Namely, the market is crying out for AI-driven disruption, and we see huge potential in delivering comprehensive and helpful AI functionality to the solution.”

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